Weather Alerts — Total Noob Question

Hey guys. I’m trying to set up different weather alerts based on what the NOAA alert is. So for example, one sound for a blizzard, another for a tornado, etc.

My question is how can I figure out the variables that NOAA generates?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

When I do this, I will go to the device driver and see what values are provided. I a case like this one, I’ll create a RM that saves all received values in a .txt file on the hub. Then I can go in and see the available options, though it is not necessarily an all-inclusive list…

I assume your are probably using this custom app: [Release] NOAA Weather Alerts

You often receive less detailed feedback from fellow HE users if you post a question about a custom app in the general forum. The less common the custom app, the more likely this statement holds true.

I would try posting your question directly in the thread/topic detailing the release of this particular custom app (link above). HE users that have experience with the app will often follow that thread and get notifications of new posts. It is also likely the author of the custom app follows the topic and would know how to answer your question.

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look at this app

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