This driver does not provide that functionality.

Look for the color cast weather app i ported that flashes lights based in upcoming weather conditions.

@alpacafondue ... I'm working on something similar to what you are. It would be greatly appreciated if you would post your rule(s) once you have them setup.

@k5map I have a Zen32 scene controller and Zen16 controlling three landscape zones. In a separate simple rule, I have all the lights auto kick on at 15 min past sunset and turn off at midnight. On top of that, I have a separate rule that houses the logic around whether there's precipitation or not. weather is accessible from actions when selecting custom attribute and then the OWM virtual device. As seen in the screenshot below, simplifying the logic of checking for each precipitation type would be ideal.

I'm a big fan of the OWM driver - and while it does give Alerts for specific events I also needed to implement the NOAA app. You may also find it useful for your needs.

@Matthew Continuing our conversation. I cannot get a value for rain tomorrow and update 10 min does not work unless you fix line 1339.

UPDATED V0.5.5 06/10/2022

Corrected PoP1 & PoP2 from not displaying when extended precipitation forecast was selected.
Corrected 10 minute update schedule from not working. (Thanks @Jasonrwise77 )

@Matthew Can I ask a favor of you? I built the below on my phone. I am trying to match up all the weather .png's to the conditions. Do you have a list of what png goes with what weather condition? I got most of them, but still have a bunch to go.

The lookup table is in the code starting at line 1687. The static variables referenced are defined starting on line 258.

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@Matthew I updated, but the rain is showing under Pop1 and pop2 and not rain tomorrow and rain day after tomorrow. Is that correct?

PoP1/PoP2 is 'Probability of Precipitation'. It is a percentage. RainTomorrow/rainDayAfterTomorrow are volume forecasts.

Perfect, thank you sir, really appreciate all the help.

@Matthew FYI, the 10 minute update time still has that space causing the poll not to take place. I fixed it again on my driver, but you might want to update the code. Line 1347 you have "10 minutes" should be "10minutes"

This has been corrected. Reload the code, or do repair in HPM. I did not increment the version #. Thanks.

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@Matthew 1 question, is it possible to add in wind and humidity for 3 day? so humidity and wind for tomorrow and the next day?

I likely missed a setting, however....

The 3Day tile's forecast Icon and text always match the current condition tile's info, with the "Condition Icon" setting set to Off: forecast.

I want the three day tile to reflect the forecast and the current tile to reflect current conditions. Currently both show "Few Clouds"

Looking at Weather forecast - OpenWeatherMap currently shows
Current: Few Clouds
Forecast (today) Broken Clouds

There's a 1024 byte tile data length limit, and although adding information to the tile is possible, it will at times push the tile over the limit.

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I don't need it added to the tiles. I just need them added to the variables.

UPDATED V0.5.6 06/11/2022

  • Corrected 3 day tile icon to honor user's selection of Current or Forecast icon.

Thanks @arnb


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