Chromecast integration, Thanks HE Team!


Wahey, I'll give that a whirl, thanks!


Do you have DHCP reservations in place for each of your Google Home devices? If their IP address changes, it causes issues until they are rediscovered.


I have DHCP in place per your recommendation. One GHM still drops out.


Oh you're right, I forgot to bind those devices! Betcha that's the issue right there.


Part of the issue, perhaps. One of mine still acted up.


DHCP or DHCP reservation?




As of today, I'm having the longest good run yet on that problem speaker. It usually drops out in < 12 hours.


Well, I had something similar that one speaker stop announcing, was my wife cleaning disconnected it and reconnected it to the power....


I reserved IP addresses on every one of my GH minis when I first installed so that's not the problem with the drop off (for me at least)



So I had an issue over the past few days with a speaker group.
I don't have any logs to share like a dolt, but just polling the crowd to see if this has happened to anyone.

My speaker group just disappeared to Hubitat.
I wasn't able to find it with discovery.

I re-ran discovery and the group appeared again.
Now I had to re-link every Rule with that group.

Has anyone seen this before?
@Cobra would Speaker Central or something you have make it easy to recover from a failure like this in the future?


Feature request @Cobra can we get next and previous track as buttons in the chromecast device


You would only have to re-enter it in Speaker Central (not every app or rule)


I didn't create the driver
This should be directed to @mike.maxwell

But also note that this is a beta implementation - other options may make it into the final release


How are people finding Chromecast?
Just wondering as I've integrated this twice now and about a week later on both occasions my hub has slowed down so I have removed it.
Just wondering if it is working OK for people and perhaps its me doing something I maybe shouldn't with it.
Just wondering.....


Other than the random dropping of one GHM, it's working OK for me. I'm only using it for TTS, though.


I'll integrate my GH's again and pay more attention to the logs to see if I can see if it's me, more than likely, or a problem with the integration.
Thanks for the response.


I hope you have IP reservation for your GH devices, I been from day 1 with the integration and no problems, but I have 6 speakers and 1 display, I only have 2 speakers integrated to HE.


Yep. I use IP Reservation for all my wifi/ethernet HA connected devices.
I'm only allowed 16 on my router so i have to decide what is critical and whats not.
ST. (Hey I might be able to delete that one).
Phillips HUE.

You get the idea.
I'm sure most people are the same.

It could just be coincidence with the hub slowing down as I'm always playing.
We'll see.


I have the same it's a PITA