Chromecast integration, Thanks HE Team!

Thanks to the HE team for this integration, works with my Google Home Speakers! No need to get a Sonos!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Is there anything Hubitat can't do?

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Yep I'm working on adding some stuff too...picked up all 4 of my Google Home devices, my 3 Chromecast Audios, and both groups. Sweet!

Only thing I've seen is that my original Google Homes paired with the correct Chromecast Audio driver, but my new Google Home Mini paired with Chromecast Video. It seemed to work ok for speaking, but I changed it to Audio since it seemed like a better fit.

Will we get different voice selections in the future?

Different voices can be found in Settings, Hub details

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Does this remove the user announcement that got added to the other 3rd party integrations like Google Relay?


Google Assistant Relay uses Broadcast functionality, this connects like a cast device. Two different methods.

Broadcast still announced the user name, Cast (this one) just makes a "boink" beep, then speaks.

Nope, it can certainly replace it but after testing I still went back to the Google Relay Assistant. I just like hearing the announcements being made in the 'Google voice'.

Also, with the new app, if you're listening to music and an announcement cuts in.. you'll have to restart your music.

This does replace the user app, cast-web though.

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Hmm, not picking up my Chromecast or Chromecast Audio... (or Minis?)

Confused - downloading the fw now so I guess I'll know soon.

I don't mind. I plan to use this on the minis in the bedrooms. In my main living areas (where I listen to music) I use Sonos.

This replaces the cast-web app not the Google Relay Assistant. Two different ways of sending announcements.

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Same here.. not picking up anything either.

Yep, we're a one LAN highway here

Wierd, I got 3 Insignia, 3 minis, 1 lenovo display and 2 shields, but I'm using google wifi....

This new native integration does not have a user name announcement, I think that's what he was after.


Correct...thank you.


I've got 8 castable devices, none of which are showing up in HE.

Ok, I remotely entered to my friend's hub, I can't find any devices in his house, let me try something.

Ok, I updated my developer hub, it is connected to the same LAN as my home hub and it's not finding any devices.

So you have two hubs, one discovers and one doesnt?

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