Chromecast integration, Thanks HE Team!


Interesting. I'll watch out for that.

I have mine doing announcements on door opening, so regularly get a chance to hear/test it.


Doesn't appear to work, if "mediasource" is "none" you need to send a "speak" to make the initial connection. I tried sending a " " as a speak command it wakes the device but it causes the status to stick in "buffering".


Weird. I am definitely not seeing that on my devices.

My mediasource is always none (when not playing anything obviously) and I can speak or change volume from the device details or RM at will.


Mine have been broadcasting fine. It's the status never changing away from Idle which prevents the stop command from ever happening on my Home Hub.


Ah. I have seen that a few times, but not often.

If I play very short messages sometimes the status doesn't change. Seems to usually/always change on my "Front Door Opened" type commands though.


Okay, so in order to get the status to change to Playing, I had to set the device type for my home hub to Audio (even though it's video). But while playing, the device always reads a volume of 100%. LMAO


Yes, I see the volume indication going to 100 as well, even though the device is definitely not playing at 100. Other have reported that, too.

That one seems clearly to be a bug.


It seems that only half of everything is right for either setting. The mediasource and volume while playing are correct if it's in Video mode but the device status is correct when it's in Audio mode. I'm leaving it in Audio since the device status is more important to me.


I think I'm missing something very basic. I want to set volumes of my GHs through RM. When I go to create a custom command I get prompted for a list of capabilities. The only one that seems remotely close is music player. but when I choose that, I don't see any of my chromecast devices in the list. Otherwise, discovery, etc all working.


Try using the somewhat generic "Sensor" to see if the Chromecast devices pop up. If not, try "Speech Synthesis" if it is an option in RM for custom commands.


I think when creating custom commands you must choose actuator, then it will show you the full list of commands.


That makes sense.. "Sensor" and "Actuator" are the two high level, generic device classes, from which all other devices should be derived from. Neither one of them has any attributes or commands. They are meant to be the large umbrella classes for devices.


I always use actuator when it is an option.


thanks, that worked


Just a have to set the parameter within the custom command. So, each volume level you want to set from RM is a separate custom command. You won't be able to set the parameter within the rule itself.
Another reason I have kept my Cast-Web-API integration. They are treated as dimmers there.


found that out. but I only use 4 different levels...and I'm trying to eliminate as many non native apps and drivers as possible. speeds up the calls to support. :slight_smile:

Plus 1 less thing to run on my raspi


Can someone point me on how to make a button for volume up and volume down that triggers when I push the Hue dimmer. I got it working with a rule in sharp tools but can’t seem to replicate that in hubitat hub.


You have to create a custom command with the command Volume Up and another with Volume Down. Then you could create a trigger or triggered rule for the button press to initiate the custom command.


I've had devices occasionally lose sync and disappear from the integration. Additionally if I try to re-add a specific speaker, it will sometimes lose a different speaker. I know we're still in beta here, but thought I'd mention the obvious.


@kilowatts Like Andy mentions here?