Chromecast integration, Thanks HE Team!

Following up from my earlier thread.
On Saturday I was playing with the integration with one of my GH's.
I could click on Volume up, down, set volume and speak and the GH would respond.
Today I tried Volume up, down, set volume and nothing happened. Nothing in the logs.
Put "Testing" in the speak text box and press speak and sure enough it spoke "Testing".
Now when I press Volume up, down, set volume the GH responds and does what it should.
If I press Stop then things do not respond again. Press speak again and things work again.
In the device you can see the media source change from Hubitat to None.


Here are the logs.

This may be the correct behaviour but just thought I would raise it to see what people think.

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I'm having similar issues but have not narrowed it down as much as you as it seemed random. Now I have something to test against.

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Just another update.
All my announcements have been put through a GH.
Got home today after the wife dragged me out shopping and when we get home and presence changes and contact closes we get some random announcements.
First one went OK but then nothing. There should have been 2 more.
Opened a cupboard door and the light did not come on.
Left door open and eventually the light came on.
Everything had ground to a halt.
Tried getting into logs to see what was happening but it didn't open after a couple of minutes so I gave up and rebooted the hub.
Everything now hunky dory again.
I've removed all my GH rules and deleted the GH's from the Chromecast integration.
I know this is in beta so I will wait until the next iteration of the app.
BTW, my hub has been running flawlessly, despite my best efforts with all the playing I do, for months so I have to put it down to Chromecast integration as this is the only thing that I have changed recently.


Not sure why you have problems, I have mine working great, announcements every day including welcome home with random messages, mailbox opened, doors left open, washer and dryer load completed.

@vjv I wish I could get into the logs when the failure is happening to have a look but unfortunately I cannot.
My random messages are in 3 different 'Welcome Home' instances so it may be that that is causing the issue.
Will have a bit more of a play to see if I can narrow it down.
How are your random messages working? What app? More than one instance etc.

I've had similar problems, but currently having a pretty good run without locking up. HE otherwise runs flawlessly (except for the occasional ThirdReality switch failing, but that's the fault of the switch, IMO).

3 different

Do you have multiple GHs responding to a Rule , or just one GH?

Just using one at the moment.

3 instances of welcome home though.

My problem-child GHM seemingly got better when I reduced successive, multiple responses (TTS). I'm also eyeing multiple rules firing TTS back-to-back as a possibility.

they work great, I use message central and welcome home, one instance.

What is 1Both-? is 1Bob- and 1Gill- combined in 1Both-?

Different messages for 3 different scenarios.
Both - We both get home. Play 1 of a group of random messages.
Bob - I get home. Play 1 of a group of random messages.
Gill - Wife gets home. Play 1 of a group of random messages.
They play one after the other. So if we both get home together a sequence of 3 messages will be played one after the other.

I think you overloaded the welcome home app :joy:

Is not a feature that you can add multiple users to one instance? I believe is something in the message with %and%(not the correct code) or similar. I suppose when both arrives, one of the 3 messages doesn't get cut by another message?

I use 3 instances. One for each scenario (me, wife, both) so they all run independently of each other.
I have put a delay in each instance so that they cannot all play at the same time.
Instance 1. Both get home - Delay of 20 seconds after door closes before playing message.
Instance 2. Gill gets home - Delay of 35 seconds after door closes before playing message.
Instance 2. Bob gets home - Delay of 45 seconds after door closes before playing message.
So in theory the 3 separate instances should not overlap each other.
That's not to say that that could be my problem though!!!!!! :wink:

you don't need to do this any more, you now need just one child per DOOR not per person. It works out the rest and if you have 2 doors it also works out that too.

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Had another look at this today and I was running an old version and some settings were out of date. Updated and it worked Ok today and my hub didn't grind to a halt.

I couldn't find how you can use 1 parent and then 3 child instances for my use case.
The messages are set up per parent and I couldn't see how to separate them out for the 3 child apps. I use different ones for me, both of us and my wife.
Have I missed something?

Best put that to @bptworld on the app page and see if it's something that can be added.

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Well. That's interesting.
We went out yesterday morning and last evening.
On both occasions when we came home, no announcements were made.
I'm using chromcast integration to one of my GH's via the welcome home app.
This morning I decided to move back to my Sonos devices for announcements. I then rebooted the hub.
When the hub came back on line all of the messages from yesterday were announced on the GH device.
Very, very strange. :slight_smile:

Here are the logs.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I can initialize the speaker (for me it's always failing on a speaker group) and then suddenly it will spit out all of the queued messages. Since it's beta (and this was talked about in another thread) I'm hoping this is on their radar.

One reason that people thought this was happening is because an IP of a device is changing. That's not the case with most of us though. There's probably just something that the integration is not doing yet that it needs to do. The cast-web-api project doesn't have this problem so I'm guessing the HE guys will be able to fix it for us.

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Something that need to be fixed me think. I was messing around in the Google Home app and accidentally deleted my "home". I didn't know I did that. Went out of town for week and noticed the under the HE Google Home device page state variables, there was a long list of uriQ. I fixed my Google Home setup and it started playing back a week worth of sound notifications which last it a few minutes.

Is there a limit to the number of messages it will que up? I am guessing it's taking up system resources if goes unchecked.

@mike.maxwell should there be a limit it a way to handle when a Google home device is offline?

No limit, and not a resource issue.
About the only thing I can do here is clear the queue if the target device is off line.

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How about clearing queue on re-initializing?


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