Cheap contact sensor

Big emphasis on this word. I laugh at the very idea that this stuff is perfect. It's good, but there are issues that haven't been solved after many years, despite the complaints.

If you can! This is a common search I see in the HA forum. Pain in the rear.

Well HE allowed me to remove all the children from the sensor, after I removed the sensor from HA.

Then re-added the sensor to HA and named it as you suggested.
2022-05-14 16_41_00-Chrome Main

HA Bridge brought it in as two sensors (better than 4!), a temp and a contact, both of which apear to work.

So declaring victory - thanks!

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Ah, I misunderstood what you meant by "children". Yeah, in HE they can be deleted at any time. If they are still selected in the list from Home Assistant Device Bridge, they will be recreated in HE on next device activation.

It's in HA where I meant that it can be a pain to get rid of entities that shouldn't be there, or no longer have an associated device. I've sometimes gone to extremes and removed the entire integration just so I could get rid of the orphaned entities. :rage:

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I did this but the wife somehow found them and brought them back...


So I decided to try a different route w/the Aqara contact sensors so that I didn't have to use another separate hub (HA on Pi). Still have HA set up to play with, but for now want to keep my core devices on either of my two C7's as much as possible, fewer moving parts.

I picked up several Ikea Trafridi plugs (cheap as chips, as they say), and put them on my second C7, and then added the three Aqara contact sensors to test things out. Only been a couple days but they are still present/working. Since Aqara sensors never stayed on my other C7 hub more than a day in the past, I have what I would call "a potential success." :wink:

We'll see how it goes...


I know how it will go, but you need to experience it for yourself :wink:

The good thing is, the IKEA repeaters can be repurposed on HA.

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And your wife isn’t going to see that those hideous things have an unfortunate accident? I think the Sonoff dongle is also supposed to repeat well for the Aqara, and can later become the Zigbee coordinator for HA :joy: :rofl:

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Oh No's!!! :wink:

Yeah, I have a 6 month return window on the plugs, so I do have an exit strategy. I saw reports here of folks having success w/the Aqara-Ikea combo, so figured it would not hurt to try.

The plugs were available locally and I had some extra time yesterday so the stars were aligned. :slight_smile:

If that fails the SonOff is on deck. :slight_smile:

I hope you at least had the Swedish meatballs :wink:

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We buy the frozen ones at the store and also have the sauce mix packets. They have become a new comfort food that we indulge in off and on. We "pepper up" the sauce to give it some kick, and indulge over egg, getting hungry just thinking about it. :smiley: :smiley:

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That’s livin’ man. I gotta have the lingonberry drink with it. :yum:

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So I'm nearing a week out, and the three Aqara contact sensors are rock solid, working perfectly. (Dammit...just super-jinxed myself!!) :wink:

I'm going from cautiously optimistic to just plain optimistic. :slight_smile: I know, you say doom is coming, but it feels good right at the moment. :smiley:

I will go to bed in a bit at which point the sensors will sneak on to my computer and see this post and all immediately disconnect from my hub and leave for Mexico for a week-long bender. [sigh]



I’ve lost track of why you bought Aqara sensors (already had or glutton for punishment), but the Linkind sensors are $10 each on Amazon (in 2-packs with coupon), work great, look nice, feel sturdy, and are fast. I replaced one of my Iris V2 contact sensors that would occasionally miss a closed event and so far that hasn’t happened with the Linkind.

I needed teeny-tiny sensors w/very long battery life for one particular application - using them attached to the backside of my cooktop's front plate to sense when burners are on and turn a led strip red to remind us we have burners (or the toaster oven) on. We (well, OK, I) have a bad history of walking off and leaving burners on. :scream:

Very tight space and a bit of a PITA to get to, and the Aqara are very small (‎1.61 x 0.87 x 0.43 inches) and fit the space, and have long lasting batteries from the info I've seen.

In the end if I can't keep them on HE directly I'll use HA and HA bridge to bring them into HE (which @SmartHomePrimer has blessed). :slight_smile:

I can't find actual measurements for the Linkind...what are their dimensions?

Ah - found the Linkind dimensions on Amazon. So to compare:

Aqara: 1.61 x 0.87 x 0.43 inches
Likind: 1.62 x 1.25 x 0.56 inches

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:joy: A sinner like me is unqualified to bless anything.


Hi @TMLeafs , I have a simple question for you: After some struggle with trying to flash my Sonoff USB Dongle, I was able to flash the Router firmware into it, but now I just can´t or don´t know how to add it to my HE Zigbee mesh.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You need to open it up, two screws and it slides out
Then power it and set HE to find ZigBee devices then press the boot button
Once added don't need to change the device handler just unplug and rebuild it and plug back in somewhere and wait a few days and your see more devices use it as a route

For everyone using zigbee2mqtt, do you just do ALL your ZigBee through it? Once Innovelli Blues are out I’ll have a mighty fine ZigBee mesh on my HE’s seems unfortunate to then have to add repeaters around to support a second mesh for the zigbee2mqtt. Maybe with such a good mesh on my HE I should just overwhelmingly prefer sensors that are very HE-friendly?

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I’m going to go with “no”. I think most people using Zigbee 2 MQTT are doing it either for the economy of a large number of cheap incompatible sensors, or they’re doing it for the challenge and perhaps to keep from replacing devices that they found unreliable on HE (or with certain repeaters).
For me, I bought a second HE for the latter reason. I had 10 Lightify 4-button dimmers that wouldn’t stay connected to HE. It turned out to be a repeater incompatibility (not HE issue) in my case. The 2 Zigbee meshes I have are now split into one that’s almost exclusively lights (a few GE in wall dimmers and Sonoff dongles help out as repeaters in sparse areas), and one that’s focused on sensors and button controllers with a variety of repeaters that have been reliable for me with them. The funny thing is, Hue dimmers still won’t stay connected to either mesh for more than an hour, but I gave up on those a couple years ago and have them on my Hue bridges.

Just wanted to note that I'm two weeks out since setting up the six Aqara contact sensors on my second C7 hub w/the Tradfri plug repeaters.

The 6 sensors have not had any issues, all solid and reporting/behaving as expected. In the past when I added Aqara contact sensors to my primary C7 running all of my other Zigbee sensors and no Ikea repeaters I never got more than a day or two before they would fall off. They do seem to like being mostly alone on the second hub (only other Zigbee devices are the Tradfri repeaters and one Zigbee blind controller).