Cheap contact sensor

UPDATE: I have reduced the Z-Wave devices on my Smartthings Hub

  • 2 of Yale 1 Conexis L1
  • Yale Keyless Connected (Keep)
  • 2 of Aeon Siren
  • 2 of Aeotec Range Extender 6
  • 5 of Aeon Smart Energy Switch 6 (gen5)
    The only devices not mains powered are the three locks and the network has been far more stable. I'm also down to 12 devices with me purchasing more Hue Motion Sensors, Sonoff ZBMINI's and two Sonoff USB Sticks my Zigbee network has also improved as I have also removed most of my Smartthings outlets.
    Haven't had a Sonoff device drop off since adding the Sonoff sticks
    I added an Xbee2 device to map the network which I did b but after a day it seems to of bricked itself :frowning_face:

@SmartHomePrimer & @Ken_Fraleigh

OK, I'm here to sit down and have a nice plate of crow... :wink:


Two of the Aqara contact sensors fell off the mesh over the past few days. Even w/the Ikea repeaters it's evidently just not going to happen.

I removed the Aqara contact sensors from HE and added them to HA (Conbee/ZHA) and shared them to HE via Home Assistant integration, and have them up and running in my HE automations again.

Sigh...I thought "for one brief shining moment" that I had found Aqaralot, but even w/Ikea repeaters it was not to be... :slight_smile:

Now if someone could tell me how to get battery reporting for the Aqara contact sensors into HE that would be useful. Currently the contact sensors come into HE as contact only, no battery info...though the battery info is present in HA. I've asked about this over on the HA thread...

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Its home is in your heart :musical_note:
Btw, the Linkind contact sensors have been perfect, even the one that is close to the breaker panel.

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Yeah, and I like my Linkind plug, but they are a little too big for the spot I have the Aqara in. I also have a pile of my trusty Visonics still around, so I'm pretty good for contact sensors for now. (But don't tell my wife that...) :wink:

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I replaced all my Ikeas with the tiny Tuya USB ones. no issues whatsoever now.

Even direct in HE I find battery reporting for these to be useless. Now I simply keep track of the replacement date and if they start playing up and its 18-24 months I just replace the batteries regardless.

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Thanks for the feedback...I'll probably leave things running from HA for now, since I have it set up. This clearly is a YMMV situation, as others have reported success w/the Ikea repeaters. :man_shrugging:

I definitely don't like the extra complexity of running HA to use the Aqaras, but I don't have the patience right now to go through another attempt w/keeping the Aqara's on my C7 directly. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I thought I had cracked it but it was short lived. Partly too as the range of the ikea repeaters are low. With the tuyas I still get the odd late checkin alert, but always corrects itself after a couple of hours. I might add that all repeaters are also on battery backup (those cheap 18650 ones from the battery backup thread) to always keep the sensors alive.

Funny you should mention that. I'm in the process of moving z2m, node red etc from my pi4 to a thin client running virtualised HA. Mostly for the extra processing power to run things like frigate for the few cameras I have. Also the pi 4 tends to run fairly warm and needs to be force cooled. Fanless x86 clients are super cool and use not much more power.

I had the same problems, switching to sonoff solved it for me


Oh come on you guys...this is like a special kind of torture... :wink: :scream: :rofl:

Can't...stop...fingers...Amazon... :smiley:


@SmartHomePrimer thank you for all your efforts within the community, have you ever thought about creating a bridge for Z2M to HE like the HA bridge!!! that would be an amazing bridge to have.

Are you posting in the right thread? :grinning:

That's basically what an mqtt broker is.

Since you would need to install Z2M somewhere anyway running a broker alongside it would be a small additional step. Then use one of the excellent community mqtt clients to receive the messages.


thank you, I already have Z2M and MQTT broker running, wasn't aware of the community mqtt clients, will check it out.

I tried this Mqtt client [Beta] MQTT beta 3d (released 5th July) but it doesn’t support Z2M,
Any suggested community MQTT client as I’m kind of lost.

Not sure I actually understood your comment. mqtt is a universal protocol, as long as you can reach the broker, any client (z2m, HE, node red, home assistant, windows etc) can publish and subscribe to topics.

As long as you've got the broker credentials correctly entered into both kevin's app/driver and z2m and you've got the topics correctly configured it should all work fine. Have you configured the client as per (a) or (f) in his github page? Alternatively post your issue into the app's thread, and someone should be able to assist. I don't use mqtt within HE so can't really help.

Alternatively this might be easier to set up and test [BETA] YAMA (Yet Another MQTT App)?

If you use Z2M with an HE client, you still need the broker running on another system, so why limit what that other system is capable of providing, is my take? I actually have my broker running on a Mac that also serves as my homebridge and insteon server, but you can just as easily run the broker on Home Assistant. The advantage there is you get a one stop easy setup for Z2M, the broker and you also get access to many HA compatible devices and cloud integrations via Home Assistant Device Bridge. Similar to the capabilities that Node Red users get, but a lot easier to setup and maintain IMO.


thx for your reply, I already have Mosquitto running, with Z2m and homebridge, was tryng to avoid running HA as my main purpose of HE is to run it as a stand alone, but my Aqara smoke detectors won't connect to HE (no driver yet),
tried to connect MQTT using this app but I believe that its not functioning without HA.

The MQTT app does not require any other HA app although it is likely you will use it with one or an MQTT device. IIRCthere is a Z2M app too. You will need an MQTT server somewhere as neither HE nor the MQTT include one. But it seems you have Mosquitto setup OK.

There are easier solutions than the MQTT app though

I was having the same issues. My problem ended up being wifi interfaces. I changed my zigbee channel and haven't had any more problems. Im currently usind aboutv20 sonoff zigbee window and door sensors without anymore drop outs.