Change Zen32 preferences with a rule

I want to change the preference for on my Zen32 device with a rule. Basically I want to use a virtual switch to set the preference for physical / digital switch. Is there a way to do this? I can’t find a way.

Are you talking about changing parameters 19 or 20? @jtp10181 has enabled changing parameters on the fly for the Zen plugs. It works great.

I have not heard that the drivers for the Zen32 can do this at present. Perhaps @bertabcd1234 or @bcopeland would know.

This one

I'm not the expert, but wouldn't that be parameter 19 and maybe also 20? I think 19 disables physical control of the relay while 20 affects the reporting back to the hub, or something.
@jtp10181 's driver for the ZEN plugs allows you to change parameters in Rule Machine.

It's a custom action on Jeff's driver:

I don’t believe preferences can be changed with rules

Perhaps not in your driver, but if preferences indeed refer to parameters in this case, with the right driver you can send a parameter command programmatically, if only temporarily, until the next configure command.

Correct.. If there is a command to do this in the driver it would be accessible.

But, you wrote the driver, correct?

Use the community driver it has more features including one to set the parameters as a command.

Also has commands to control the LEDs via the params and the indicator class. I have modified mine a little bit so I may have changed these slightly but the features are in the original.



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I’ll check this out. I thought it looked the same to the hubitat native driver but I didn’t try to programmatically change the settings via a rule.

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