Centralite Systems Inc Alabama Southern Bankruptcy Court


Now I know why I am unable to get through to them by phone or email, and am unable to puchase a new Centralite V3 Keypad.




You know I saw that a while back and never gave it a second thought. But seeing your post in a different context kicked off another theory about the demise of Lowes Iris.

It’s been long rumored that Iris was built on Centralites Jilia platform. With nobody left to support or maintain that platform Lowe’s would have been put into a bad spot.

The timeline is interesting.

  • In late-November Lowe’s announced it would seek a buyer.

  • Late January Lowe’s announces the Iris shutdown despite having a potential buyer.

  • Early February Centralite files for liquidation.

I wonder if Lowe’s may have been told by Centralite in January that they were going to abandon Jilia. This would have put Lowe’s in an incredibly difficult position to sell Iris if the core underlying framework was about to be abandoned.

It’s certainly an interesting prospect for thought.


Interesting find indeed.

This also means for us transitioning Iris orphans we need to identify alternative hardware since Centralite won't be manufacturing anything else.

If anyone has suggestions for smart plugs and door sensors, please pass them along, my Hubitat hub should arrive tomorrow.


Samsung and nyce on the zigbee side are still alive and well, and there's no shortage of zwave devices...
Ge also has a full line of zigbee and zwave switches, plugs and dimmers, right at Lowes.


Really too bad. Wish it were different
Nice motion sensors. Get them while you can. They're on sale too!


Wait, are the Lightify motion sensors any good? Being Centralite underneath might change my mind, but the reviews are so mixed I don't know (though many of those are just people who don't know how to pair them or add a DTH to ST).


I have one of those. Very nice and fast. Sensitive range. Centralite for sure. Great battery life. I bought that over a year ago and it was used. The battery is at 66%. That thing clings to the hub for life. Never drops. Pairing was not an issue.

New Dome Range Extender

They do have a slightly narrower field of view than the Iris (90° vs 120°), but have been very dependable for me.


Hopefully those sensors go below $25!


Buy now. $24.99 at the moment.


Lol, I think I’ll hold off for a bit more. I’d rather get another one of the types I already have so that I only have to buy a few different batteries types.

Unless those are 10X better than the new Samsung ones or the Zooz 4-1, I’d rather wait till the price drops more. For $25 you can get newer sensors and the Zooz is only $32 and has more capabilities.

I hope all the Centralite stuff goes on a clearance of sorts because of this, I want to get some Pearl thermostats.


Fair enough. I don't recall anyone saying the Zooz were particularly fast. That is a strength of the Centralite. The new Samsung are good. I tried one and liked it.


$25 seems to be the low end right for good, small, fast, and trouble free motion sensors. Might have to wait for a sale of some sort.

That SmartestHouse website had a video linked that compared a bunch of motion sensors, supposedly it (Zooz 4-1) was the fastest Zwave one, but those kinds of comparisons have to be taken with a grain of salt. I haven’t used the Zooz I got yet, worst case I put it someone where speed isn’t an issue.


$20 was the lowest dip for those Lightify. Might go lower, or then again they might just sell out and not be restocked. Depends on how many you need and what features you require.


Let’s hope they go to $20 again. I don’t really “need” anymore. I hate that I missed out a bit on the Iris sale, only got a few of those cheap.

I did pick up one of those giant $15 Bosch ones for the garage as hiding it isn’t a big deal and AA batteries may be a blessing or curse.


I have a NIB white one, and a used black one, PM me if interested.


Thanks Mike, for sure interested!


This is, to put it mildly, not an aheievement to brag about. :joy: (Though I'm curious if the v2 revision of this sensor is faster than the first...)


Yeah I guess not. In the video they have posted (which was not by them), it is sub-second detection.

I like the fact that it isn’t overly expensive and has more capabilities than just motion and temp.

I plan on having it as a second sensor in the master bedroom along with the new ST sensor I have in there. The Aeon multi 6 is just too expensive for me to buy more than I already have when there is so many other things to buy. :grin:


I just bought one and a transformer. Going to see if I can't hardwire it to test in a bedroom closet.

I have powered MultiSensor6's in my closets now but have found them to be a bit slow even with the custom driver.