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It reports motion in a different manner - through instant reports rather than waiting for 2-3 recorded movements like a typical security sensor. The instant reporting was prompted by requests from users who wanted to have the sensor trigger light automation routines and needed quick reporting.

We've never actually ran any similar speed detection tests to that shown in the video and we stumbled upon it randomly though we know the YouTube channel well and have sent him devices in the past (but not the ZSE40 in particular).


The custom driver isn't going to alter the wakeup time of the physical sensor.

As detailed by @agnes.zooz "instant reporting" is not the standard. Waiting for 2 or even 3 movement detects to make sure it's not a "false alarm" is the standard. As more and more of us sing the praises of the devices that meet our needs, more and more manufacturers will serve those needs. Sounds like Zooz is leading the race thus far. :slight_smile:

You've seen Inovelli innovate with devices that have as many options packed inside as possible. The Aeon Multisensor6 is a device with plenty of options but "instant Reporting" isn't one of them. Maybe a future firmware update will change that. {fingers crossed} I have 12 of those Aeons..


So did Zigbee motion sensor manufacturers just disregard the "2-3 movement detections" thing since the beginning? Because even the first one I ever owned (SmartSense Motion, the Kickstarter-era SmartThings sensor) beats the heck out of any Z-Wave sensor I've ever tried. I'm a little picky about this since most of mine are used for lighting automations and less delay is always better there, but of course over-sensitivity can become a problem at a certain point, too.

But this is good to know. I may have to give the v2 Zooz sensor a try. Thanks to both of you for the information! (And I'll keep in mind that "traditional" sensors that wait for multiple movements might be better for security and not just catching the curtains moving on a sunny day.)


It's a "history lesson" isn't it? :smiley:

Motion sensors existed long before Zwave or Zigbee. The standards developed before influenced the design decisions here in Home Automation-land. :slight_smile:

If you get an Occupancy Sensor Light switch like this:

you will find it's responsiveness is much better than anything ZWave or Zigbee. I suspect it's design goals were responsiveness vs false positives. Security devices had to go the other way since calling the police was the result of false positives.

Again, I bring up Inovelli's option packing... I would love to have a single motion sensor that could be used for all these purposes. Occupancy, vacancy, security would be the minimum, if I were the VP of Engineering :smiley:

Wouldn't it be cool to have motion sensors that can be set by a Rule into Occupancy mode (higher sensitivity, instant response) at sunrise and the into Security mode for sleep time?


Lately I've been having a small issue where the sensors respond very slowly the first thing in the morning after sitting inactive all night (I have them in some closets to trigger the lights). I can't say exactly if it's the device or the system but things seem to respond a bit better the 2nd time.. I was thinking maybe it was the "selective reporting" I had enabled..

I have about 9 of them and like them as well. I even put one outside in a weatherproof box and wired to an exterior outlet to detect illuminance.. has been working great so far.


To report back! Have the new unit and soldered some wires to the battery terminal and attached the transformer.. everything is working well. Response is very fast - faster than the MS6. It does have a slower recovery (45s) but for detecting closet motion that's fine.

Am now looking at simplifying the setup with smaller stepdown transformer, a case and usb cable (I have usb enabled outlets). Also want to try and power my old ST motion sensors.


Actually, the Fibaro Motion Sensor has this setting available for adjustment, you can choose from a small range of movements to set the trigger at (Parameter 3 in the manual here).

Fibaro isn't that well-known in the States but they are the "textbook" (they also do appear in the actual Z-Wave textbooks btw!) Z-Wave ecosystem, very robust and innovative with really nice design. They do a lot of the actual development in this industry which is then being copied by factories in China. I mention this since @csteele brought up history lessons :wink:


I think I have read that in real life they don’t actually look like the eye of Sauron. So I always wondered why they made it look that way in all the product advertising.


That's funny. I've avoided this device because it looks way too creepy--that and the "holy crap" that's expensive pricing.


Same two items cause me to avoid also.


It is kinda expensive, but it does detect motion, temperature, light and vibration. When you think about buying two or more very good devices to get the same functionality it might even out. Especially when having to worry about batteries for both.

If it didn’t have vibration or instead had humidity I think it would be more appealing, maybe even cheaper.

That’s why I like the 4-1 right now, it’s got the basic functionality I want and is only $32.


I have GE Zwave motion dimmers ​https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071Y38FX5/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_sS.GCbS8Q7PN4
I haven't yet got to the point of seeing what I can manipulate with rules on this switch but I do believe it can be modified on the fly. A custom driver exposes a lot of settings.


Hey guys. I'm one of the founders of CentraLite. But I haven't been there since it was taken over by Comporium in 2016.

The IRIS platform did not use Jilia. We supplied a lot of the devices and integrated them with the IRIS platform.

We are actually forming a group to try and buy the assets out of bankruptcy. We certainly see the opportunity to continue to support the existing customers and continue product development which has been frozen for the last couple of years.


If you guys can pull it off that would be a great thing for the HA community in general. Centralite used to make a lot of useful and unique devices. With Iris code supposedly to be released in the wild, if you can reorganize the company it would be a boon to the effort to have a corporate backer of Arcus.

Interesting comment about Jilia.. I've been told by a couple Iris insiders that Jilia was framework used on the hubs. I've recently had a peak at some of the hub code and see no references to it, so it appears you are correct about that.

Good luck with your acquisition attempt!


This is GREAT news! I have a lot of Centralite devices, most especially the Pearl thermostat, and they are extremely solid. I was so disappointed to read about the bankruptcy, but maybe it will turn out to be for the best in the long run.


At least I know why I can't find a 3400 keypad to buy now. Definitely hope you can pull that off, good luck and god speed good sir!


I will keep you guys updated. Right now we are just waiting for the announcement of sale of the assets and an explanation of the bid process.


Thanks for the update. If possible someday, I sure would like to get my hands on some more of the Iris/Centralite Motion sensors on some sort of clearance sale.


I've always been curious if the Iris was OEM from Mios due to the 2Gig and Sercom compatible devices?


@jimmybusby I saw your comment to a post on Stacey on IoT where you mention the bidding happens May 15, this week. Curious if you have an update. Thanks!