Centralite 3400 Keypad


I picked mine up on eBay. Brand new.


I'm seeing a lot of used ones that are missing wall mount clips which is frustrating. I found on arrow that you can order a pack from centralite for 66 bucks each, but you've got to order 26 of them lol.


Someone needs to spin up their 3D printer...


Ha, I did have that thought to try to 3d print something, but then I remembered how lazy I am and the thought died at that point. :grin:


The wall mount is not much of a thing anyway. Kind of a wedge thing and a bugger to get straight and tight on Gyprock !
If the price is right, grab one of the keypads (v2). :slight_smile:


The wall mount works with the tamper protection though. Not sure what role that plays in it working properly. I noticed the thread on centralite going bankrupt which explains the difficulty in finding them new to purchase.


I'm thinking about getting one as well, whats the difference between V1 and V2? Does V1 work with Hubitat?


There’s been alot of chat on these forums about v1 stuff NOT working so I stayed away from them.
Some people are holding out hope that the Iris API will be Open Sourced and support for v1 devices will be reverse engineered but that’s more wishful thinking than I was prepared to endure.


Thanks for the clarification, any idea how to identify v1 from v2?


V1 is not one of these:


@mike.maxwell, in that link you posted, it shows the Iris v2 keypad should be using;

  • HE Driver:
  • Iris V2 Keypad

Where do I find that because my v2 Iris keypad got detected as, and I've been using it as, a Centralite Keypad ??


The new drivers will be in the next platform release 2.0.7


Will the V3 exit and entry delay beeping issue be addressed in the next release, too?