Capturing push notifications from 3rd party apps

Is there any way to capture push notifications from 3rd party apps and used in RM? My Lorex security camera system app sends me mostly accurate push notifications on my mobile phone on motion sensing. If I can capture the notifications, I could use them in RM to trigger event. Any suggestion? Thanks

Can you have it use a local end point in RM? That's how i use blueiris with my cameras to turn lights on at night when there's motion. Create a new rule then have the trigger as a local endpoint.

Thanks Welby1978 for replying. Not sure if I can have local endpoint. I just get notifications in my mobile from Lorex apps. Is there any way to check?

Have a look in the Lorex program for a way to send a web request, i'm not familiar with the Lorex brand though so i can't help there. Another way would be to use tasker if on android and have it see the motion alert from the cameras on your phone and then tasker could then talk with RM.

If you have an Android device and purchase the Tasker app ($4), you can. I have instructions in link below.

Thanks for suggestions. I will work on this option

Good Morning. Thanks for excellent tips. I will try this weekend. Thanks again

Another thing you can do with Tasker and a spare phone is setup an alert if your power goes out. Assuming you have your hub on some type of battery backup anyway. But you just use Tasker to tell Hubitat if the phone is running off the battery.

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I am also setting up some Lorex cameras for someone. It would be a handy thing to have if I could have the notification trigger something in RM.

Perhaps another approach might be through Alexa. (Even if you don't have an Alexa).
(I don't know if this will work, but maybe... I'm going to give it a try.)
In the Alexa app, see if Lorex will trigger a routine. The routine sets a Hubitat switch. Presto!
Again, I don't know if this will work...but it's worth a try!

Please note:

One last point: All kudos for this idea belong to Master @ogiewon who suggested it as a response to getting notifications from a video doorbell into Hubitat.

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The paid plugin for tasker autonotification can donthis pretty easily.

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Good idea but my Lorex NVR doesn’t support Alexa


Which model is it?

I will try, thanks

LNR1180, 3 years old but good network performance.

Can I use tasker to read push notification from specific apps in my mobile with specific word and trigger the event?

Yes, read the thread I shared above re: Eufy Doorbell and I explain how to do exactly that.

Let me know if you have questions after reading.


Yes. I use Tasker to look for a certain word in my Spotify notification to automatically mute my phone when ads start playing and restore the volume when they end.

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ThanksWaterboysh for your comment . that is very helpful tips. Thank you again