Can't get HSM button on dashboard to change state

Well with all this work from home I decided to do some more work on my dashboard and noticed that when I have HSM on the dashboard but I am only using Water and a custom rule for battery level they show armed in the UI for HSM but the dashboard always shows unarmed and red. I can see the events when I arm / disarm from the dashboard button but never see the icon change. Is there something I am missing? I don't use any of the intrusion rules or the smoke/CO settings.

Here is a snapshot of the button on the dashboard:


and here is a snapshot of the HSM config:

Could this known issue, which will be fixed in an upcoming hub firmware release, explain your problem? (It's a bit more general than the title of the thread would make you think, but there's a workaround in the following posts, too.)

If HSM is actually changing and your Dashboard tile isn't, that could be another problem (does reloading the webpage help?).

Nothing changes the state of the button on the dashboard. I can disarm all, arm all, reload the dashboard after each one of those activities and still red and disarmed status. I check the app log and you can see the events being changed in the HSM app.

Even tried the virtual button in rule machine to arm HSM and the events all show up but still the button on the dashboard doesn't change.

It's not a button. If you pick the HSM tile, after you tap on it, you will get a pop-up to allow you to control HSM. But you can't do that right now because HSM is at All Disarmed.

To fix that, you don't need a button on a dashboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Add a virtual button device with one button.
  2. In HSM assign that button to arm home or arm night and save everything (click done till you get to the apps list)
  3. In the edit device page, type one under the command push and then click push.

This will arm HSM in whatever mode you assigned it to. The HSM tile will now work as expected. DO NOT CLICK DISARM ALL or this will happen again. Disarm is the normal disarm state for intrusion montiroing.

Yes Ryan I know it's not a push button, it opens a menu, been here long enough to know that.

Also configuring a RM rule to use a state for HSM was a I did with a virtual button to try to get it to change never said I put it on the dashboard only that I tested with a virtual button in rule machine.

The display in the dashboard always says disarmed on the tile no matter what mode it's in. There is something wrong with this dashboard tile period.

Anyone else have ideas on how to get the status of the dashboard tile to show?

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No it doesn't say says All Disarmed, which is different. Why not try what I suggested? The tile works fine.

Hi, I'm a new user here as well. Just setup HSM and getting no notifications. I'm not sure I understand - does HSM default to All Disarmed? And there is no way to Arm it unless you create a virtual button to do so? Seems awkward and dorky....

HSM can be a little confusing when you start using it, but once you understand a few peculiar attributes it becomes easier. First off, you can arm and disarm HSM from the HSM dashboard tile. Just press the tile and a pop-up menu will open with several options. Having said this, I only use the HSM dashboard tile as a visual indicator as to HSM status, I arm and disarm my system from other virtual buttons and/or devices.

HSM can be thought of an alarm system for two somewhat distinct safety needs, the first safety need HSM addresses is composed of the following three parts:

  1. intrusion when you are away from home
  2. intrusion while you are home during the day
  3. intrusion while you are home during the night

The second safety need HSM addresses is composed of these other parts:

  1. Water monitoring (flooding)
  2. Smoke/CO Alarm monitoring
  3. Any other custom item you may want to monitor

The important thing to realize, is that the items under the second safety need, should almost always be in a state of monitoring (what HSM calls "armed"), you don't want to disarm these, or at least you would very rarely want to disarm them. This is in contrast to the items listed under the first safety need, you want these items armed and disarmed all the time. Arm the alarm when you leave the house, disarm the alarm when you come home.

Due to this reality, if you have the items listed under the second safety need in an "armed" state, this will NOT be reflected in what the HSM tile states. The HSM tile will read disarmed, even if these items are armed. In my opinion, this is the best way for the tile to act and it makes sense after you get use to it. My problem is with the pop-up menu that appears when you tap the HSM tile, this pop-up menu will list 8 options, two of these options are disarming options, they are called "Disarm All Rules" and "Disarm All". Either one of this options will disarm more than just the items listed on the first list of safety needs, either one will disarm at least one of the items listed under my second list. This is obviously undesirable, as the items under the second list should rarely, if ever, be disarmed.

My wife and I have used HSM for well over a year and we are very happy with it. To arm the system before we leave the house, we simply push a virtual button on the dashboard. The disarming of the system happens automatically based on presence or the correct code being entered on the door lock. I also have a button on the dashboard to disarm if needed.

Thanks for the quick reply. So in short, if using HSM ONLY for water/smoke no need for the tile showing the armed/disarmed state. So I will delete that. This is what I see now:

I must be missing something. Put water on the leak detector. Water tile turned red. Logs show wet was trigger. No notifications.

Go to the overview page for all your apps, and see what is displayed for HSM, for example here is mine at the moment:
Screenshot from 2021-02-16 21-23-42

Make sure your HSM shows "Armed Water" in green like mine does. Try your test again.

Also confirm the water sensor you are testing is the one listed in your HSM, it looks like you call it "Laundry Room Water Sensor"

Yes in green it states armed for water and smoke.

Detector is:
Ecolink Zwave Plus Flood & Freeze Sensor, White (FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO)

Dashboard tile works fine - shows dry and switches to wet when wet when I did my test.

O.K. , the water detector is working and updating HE correctly when it gets wet. The next thing I would confirm is that your notification devices are working properly. From your screenshot I see you list "Edsiphone8, EdsiPad, Eileen's iphone". I would go to your devices page and find the three devices listed above, you can manually send each device a notification from this driver page. Confirm your devices are able to receive notifications from the hub.

Notifications are indeed working correctly on all 3 devices. We get notifications anytime certain doors open, are open/unlocked too long, etc. I've had this setup and working for weeks now (and confirmed still working as of this morning). It's only HSM that we are not getting notifications from.

Thought just occurred to me - any idea if there is a certain duration the sensor has to be wet before HSM will send a notification?

I don't think so. I was testing one yesterday and just licked my finger and put it on the sensor. This resulted in an immediate "wet" followed immediately by a "dry". It triggered HSM and I received my alerts (I do mine through Pushover).

Ah well - was hoping it was that simple. I'll give test it again when I get home. Also going to test the smoke detectors and see if that send a notification or not. Must be something simple going on here...

I think I read that some smoke detectors don't send out a signal when you push the test button. You have to actually trigger them with smoke (or canned smoke). I don't have first-hand experience just passing that along.

Just test my smoke detector. Worked perfectly - tile turned red. Device history is:


Zero notifications. Same as last night when I tested the water sensor. So, Sensors work, they are sending the appropriate status changes. HSM for some reason still refuses to notify.

This really should not be so hard.

Want to say that I read that the test button scenarios don't produce notifications, but the "real" events do.