Can't get HSM button on dashboard to change state

Well with all this work from home I decided to do some more work on my dashboard and noticed that when I have HSM on the dashboard but I am only using Water and a custom rule for battery level they show armed in the UI for HSM but the dashboard always shows unarmed and red. I can see the events when I arm / disarm from the dashboard button but never see the icon change. Is there something I am missing? I don't use any of the intrusion rules or the smoke/CO settings.

Here is a snapshot of the button on the dashboard:


and here is a snapshot of the HSM config:

Could this known issue, which will be fixed in an upcoming hub firmware release, explain your problem? (It's a bit more general than the title of the thread would make you think, but there's a workaround in the following posts, too.)

If HSM is actually changing and your Dashboard tile isn't, that could be another problem (does reloading the webpage help?).

Nothing changes the state of the button on the dashboard. I can disarm all, arm all, reload the dashboard after each one of those activities and still red and disarmed status. I check the app log and you can see the events being changed in the HSM app.

Even tried the virtual button in rule machine to arm HSM and the events all show up but still the button on the dashboard doesn't change.

It's not a button. If you pick the HSM tile, after you tap on it, you will get a pop-up to allow you to control HSM. But you can't do that right now because HSM is at All Disarmed.

To fix that, you don't need a button on a dashboard. Follow these steps:

  1. Add a virtual button device with one button.
  2. In HSM assign that button to arm home or arm night and save everything (click done till you get to the apps list)
  3. In the edit device page, type one under the command push and then click push.

This will arm HSM in whatever mode you assigned it to. The HSM tile will now work as expected. DO NOT CLICK DISARM ALL or this will happen again. Disarm is the normal disarm state for intrusion montiroing.

Yes Ryan I know it's not a push button, it opens a menu, been here long enough to know that.

Also configuring a RM rule to use a state for HSM was a I did with a virtual button to try to get it to change never said I put it on the dashboard only that I tested with a virtual button in rule machine.

The display in the dashboard always says disarmed on the tile no matter what mode it's in. There is something wrong with this dashboard tile period.

Anyone else have ideas on how to get the status of the dashboard tile to show?

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No it doesn't say says All Disarmed, which is different. Why not try what I suggested? The tile works fine.