HSM Notifications not Working

The Hubitat Notifications App supports Water sensor devices. I just posted a message on the enhancement request page to add Smoke sensors to the Notifications App.

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Thanks Eric - I did notice that Notifications does support water sensors and got that setup. Thanks for posting the enhancement request and for taking the time to help me out.

Just tested my smoke detector. Worked perfectly - tile turned red. Device history is:


Zero notifications. Same as last night when I tested the water sensor. So, Sensors work, they are sending the appropriate status changes. HSM for some reason still refuses to notify.

This really should not be so hard

Not sure if this is of any help:

I'm at a loss on the HSM notifications - I use Pushover for notifications so my setup looks a little different.

Your HSM set-up is fairly simple and straightforward, I would try uninstalling HSM and then reinstalling HSM. On reinstall you will have to recreate your automations, but that should only take a few minutes. If you still are having problems, I would open a support ticket.

Since, you first brought this problem up in another post and you still don't have a solution, I will tag @bravenel so he is aware of the thread(s), and may have some idea on how to fix.

I've already done the uninstall/reinstall. No change. Still no notifications. When I look at the following, which I don't claim to fully understand, I see a variable called alerting set to false. I have no idea if this is relevant but seems it might be. I also have no idea how this variable is set.

Hello @edp762. It is possible that this is not an HSM or Alerts issue, but an issue with the token on your devices in which you wish to receive those alerts. You can check on the status of this very simply. First open up your devices page and find the phone in which you are attempting to receive notifications on. Click EVENTS at the top and it should at least tell you that it has sent notification texts to you with their values.

If you see that there are notification text events being sent to your phone, but still not receiving them, open your HE App on your device, tap settings and then go to "Debug Information." Check to see if you have an AUTH/push tokens, device and hub IDs and make sure it says "registered: True." If it does not then there have been a few methods that I see people use to remediate the issue. For me personally, i tried logging in and out of the app and it did not work. I simply uninstalled the App from my iPhone, reinstalled and relogged in. Everything worked again as it should in regards to notifications.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jazn, thanks for this. I did check the event logs for my devices. They are getting all the notifications from Notifications app just fine. And presence events as well. But nothing at all from HSM.

So I am still at a loss as to what's going on with HSM specifically.

Please tell me that this isn't something I might to have to do someday if there's a glitch. Would be great to have all that in some backup & reloadable format, unless rebuilding them is apart of "the fix"

No it is not. If you actually read my post:

and then look at how simple the OP's HSM setup currently is:

it may give you an idea of why I made the suggestion. It would take me just a minute or two to recreate the above HSM profile. Considering the amount of time the OP is probably spending on the forums discussing his problem. I figured a very quick and easy thing to do would be worth the effort. I think the problem lies somewhere else, but why not try something that takes less time than to write a post on these forums.

It is obviously, not the rebuilding of the HSM profile/rules that I hoped would be part of the fix, but the removal and re installation of HSM. Again, I didn't have high hopes for this suggestion, but considering how quick and easy it was, thought it would be worth it.

There's something real satisfying about blowing something up and restarting from scratch. Confidence.

Oh I got that what he had to recreate was minimal.

I thought my point was clear.



I gave you the benefit of the doubt, that you where not being sarcastic and critical in your post, but I guess I was wrong. You clearly have time to come on the forums and be critical of other peoples suggestions. If you have something to contribute, then contribute, if not ____-__.

I understand that HE does a daily backup, as I know realize you understand that as well. So why suggest uninstalling and reinstalling a built in app? Because support has suggested that as a solution for other built-in apps, that were having problems, in the past:

Anyway, the OP apparently can't get this working. I am definitely not one of the more knowledgeable people on this forum. So if anyone can help him out that would be great. His problem was initially posted in this thread (8 days ago):

Where he found no solution, now we have this thread and still no solution. If anybody can Help the OP that would be appreciated.

Spare me the youthful testosterone.

My comments weren't directed at you or your solution...but realizing that comes with age.

THAT'S the point of my comments. Unless one sees this as fun/a hobby, then this is unacceptable as one grows their environment.

Sorry, sometimes tone and intention doesn't come through very well on forums. By the way, when I was in high school I took typing on a machine that had mechanical keys that flipped up and struck a piece of paper, its the only machines the school had that were capable of typing. It takes a lot (and I mean a lot) for me to feel youthful testosterone. LOL.

You are right. Same here. No ill will intended.

Wouldn't it be great to have an annual Hubitat Users & Developers Conference where we could have sessions and workshops to actually talk this stuff out.

...and suddenly I am getting this vision of the National Guard being deployed...


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I am having the same issue with Notifications and do not notice that my Siren was going off.

I do not get any notifications for HSM but I found a work-around that if I create a NOTIFICATION alert on my SIRENS I will get the NOTIFICATION from the ALARM going on.

This seems to be a good workaround for my case but not sure why it will not send the notification for the HSM events.