Unable to "arm smoke"

Hi, I disarmed all monitoring, and now the button that says "Arm smoke, Allow intrusion Arming" doesn't do anything. How do I re-arm my smoke detectors if the button doesn't work? Thanks.

I think you have to enable it and choose only what you want monitor. If you disable all monitoring then it's all or nothing in a way. You just have to go through the settings and choose what to monitor after you enable it.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I can't seem to re-enable it though. If I go through the HSM settings, everything is still set up correctly.

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Got it working somehow. I added a HSM button to my dashboard, and I selected "Arm All" and I think it re-enabled it. There seems to be a bug with the button in the HSM application itself. I tried different web browsers on both mac/windows and the button was unresponsive.

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Yes, there's a bug that is being worked on for the next release. For anyone else who finds this, you can get past this by arming HSM to Armed Away, Armed Home or Armed Night by another other means than the HE GUI. So, a keypad a button/switch linked to HSM. Once you do, you should be good to go as far as the regular arming/disarming. You will still have to arm any custom rules (like battery) manually.


FYI, just ran into this bug here myself just now. Nothing happens when I click
"Re-Arm Smoke, Water, Custom Rules, Allow Intrusion Arming"

Can't test the work around without jeopardizing the WAF decreasing though. Will check tomorrow.

So. If I link my doorbell... to Arm HSM... and then ring my doorbell...? This is what I tried:

I didn’t actually ring my doorbell, but just hit the “run actions” button. But nothing changed in HSM. I have no idea what I’m doing.

No, you have to set up the button within HSM.


But you can do this with a virtual button as well, instead of a real one.

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Got it. I don’t have any intrusion detection activated on and of the modes so I’ve never seen those controls before.


That's not all that they do. There are a lot more in there. That's where you set you exit delay and whatnot.

Yeah, I see that there is a ton in there. I just want it to notify me of tamper switches, smoke detectors, and someday water leaks. I have no need for an alarm system.

Perhaps I’m out of ordinary in that way, and maybe that means HSM isn’t what I need. But if I can figure out a way to test my smoke alarm setting now, and it works, then I’ll leave it.