Can't connect MHCOZY 4ch switch

Hello everyone. I am not lucky with the hubitat bridge, I ordered a sonoff switch and I could not connect it, now mhcozy does not work either
problem is with this device:
MHCOZY 4CH switch/relay 230v [amazon link]

Hubitat correctly detects the device and connects to it, then stops at "getting info for unknown zigbee device ..." I also tried to click "configure" or wait up to an hour and nothing changes. I read this thread: Driver/Pairing -> MHCOZY 4 Channel 12V ZigBee Relay Switch - #33 by wolferjerry
And I used two different drivers
-hubitat-muxa-fork/zemismart-zigbee-multigang-switch.groovy at development · kkossev/hubitat-muxa-fork · GitHub
and this:
-Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch

I managed to connect once and it worked but switched state only 2 times and then it didn't respond anymore
switch is about 5m from the hubitat bridge, I have no other zigbee devices


is 12v and 230v firmware different?

You need to first pair it successfully to HE hub. Delete the device from the web page, and try pairing it again - very close to the HE hub. If it pairs successfully, please copy and paste all the information that will be shown inside the popup window when you click on the 'more info' hyperlink.

Without pairing it successfully to the HE hub the device can not operate, or the operation will be erratic.

There are many different firmware versions for this board made by different Chinese manufacturers.

There is a post by another Hubitat user who seems to had success with the same device:


See photo, would that help?

@kkossev link you sent solves the problem. The connection method is very strange, but it works.

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I have 2 Zigbee MHCOZY 4 channel relays. First one was paired to my C-7 and migrated to my C-8 and works. I don't have any radios enabled on the C-7 now. I tried to pair another relay to the C-8, it pairs and only stays connected when the hub is in pairing mode. Then I temporarily enabled zigbee on the C-7 and it pairs to it fine.

Solution for anyone that may encounter the same issue as mine above. When it pairs leave it with the “Device” type for about an hour, then change it to the correct device handler type, which is “Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch” push Configure, manually activate relays with the buttons on the device. Close page and come back and it will create child devices.

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I have definitely tried this device over and over again and just can't really seem to get it to work much. It seems to pair fine with and identifies as a "Device". I change it to "Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint Switch", but no child devices show up. If I put it back into Zigbee pairing mode, that seem to identify it as already paired and then proceeds to create the child devices. For a few minutes the on/off buttons on the child device page do seem to work and also, the state is updated from the physical button pushes on the device. Then after about a minute it just stops working all together.

It's a shame because the price is right and features great for this device. Would be interested to hear if anybody really got these working well.

I tried with two different flavors, the housed version and raw board version and neither works correctly.

Here are the devices I tried with.

I've had my 4 channel (the one in your 2nd link) for a year and a half with no issues. First on my C-7, and now on my C-8. It was migrated to the C-8, so I have never attempted pairing it on the latest hub.

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OK so update... I tried again last night to pair with my development hub (c-7) and decided to turn off my prod hub (c-8) just for giggles. The relay paired instantly and all child devices. Then i changed the zigbee address of my dev hub and now it seems to pair fine on either hub.

@jimhim thanks for following up!

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I had the same problem with this board trying to pair to my new C8 after migration. I had two other boards that migrated over without issue, but the new one would not finish initializing on the C8. I powered up the C7 and it connected fine, so I knew that he board was OK and it was just a C8 issue.

The solution now is to simply rebuild the Zigbee network using the new button on the ZigBee settings page. Apparently they added that option just for this situation. After rebuilding the network (which took only seconds) I was able to pair the board without issue. I wasted a lot of time trying to pair this thing before I found why that rebuild network button exists, I hadn't even noticed the button was there until I read about it.

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Wonder if it is possible to have some automatic pairing oversight that recognizes just this level of failure and gives some tips like pointing you to the rebuild button. Cause sure enough if you wasted a lot of time on this others will too. It's the little stuff like that which makes coming onto a new system, or even a new version of a system, a more friendly experience.