Canada Black Friday deals 2019

Haven’t seen a dedicated thread for Canada :canada:

Here’s some Samsung SmartThings devices that are really good, considering it ships for free. Note that if you have a Source near you, they are offering them for the same price.

Please, everyone feel free to post others you’ve already posted, again here if they are good for Canadians. Also, if there’s a sweet deal in US dollars that makes more sense than the Canadian price, even when shipping is included, please also post here too.

Samsung SmartThings Multi-Purpose Sensor, White (GP-U999SJVLADB)

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor, White (GP-U999SJVLBDA)

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor, Automate Lights & Siren for Alert, ZigBee, White (GP-U999SJVLCDA)

Samsung SmartThings Outlet Smart Plug, Alexa Compatible, White (GP-U999SJVLDAA)


I find it quite interesting that Black Friday has crept into other countries/cultures and could almost be considered a global celebration of sorts.

Yeah, it’s been here for around 10 years or so? Used to be just Boxing Day sales, then Boxing week, then Boxing month! :joy:

Black Friday, cyber Monday, etc.

Just give me your lowest price all the time! I will consume regularly. :wink:


Aartech is offering Black Friday specials this week (i.e. already underway). 30% off a selection of SmartThings devices (same prices as being advertised by plus a various levels of discounts on Insteon, Z-Wave (GE, Homeseer, etc), IP cameras, NVRs, iDevices, Fibaro, Skybell, etc.

Link to SmartThings devices: Buy SmartThings Online at Aartech Canada
Link to all items on sale: OnSale Products

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Lorex is a Canadian company which sells NVR's, security cameras, etc.
Black25 is the code to use to get 25% off - a great deal in Canadian dollars.

Don't forget to have an extra 19% saving from Lowe's again since they only list the hub and button on sale :joy:

Edit : edit discount from 19% to 10%. Eyesight is going South by the look of it. Thanks @SmartHomePrimer!

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Ikea Tradfri is also on sale from Nov 25th to Dec 1st.
Up to 20% off.

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Ring Alarm for $163 CAD (there's a trick)

Order the Black Friday deal for $189 with a "free" Echo, but choose the fastest shipping method for the Echo. They will ship separately and will be priced separately. Return the Echo (unless you want it) and you'll have a Ring alarm for $163.12 CAD.


Skip the additional contact sensors from Amazon and buy them from Lowe's. Their price is $25.99 each.

BestBuy is offering the Google Nest Hub for ~$89 with a Special Offer. You can bundle it with a Philips Hue A19 bulb (color) for an additional ~$30. The bulb alone is on sale for ~$47.

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The Echo studio was only sale at Best yesterday for $189.95. I had it in my cart but did not pull the trigger. It's no longer there or in stock. :sob:

:weary: That was a good deal lost. Oh well, there's always Cyber Monday (week) and Boxing Day (week) :laughing:

Ring Pro is definitely one of the better doorbells. is offering the Ring Pro with an Echo Show 5 for $244.99 CAD, but Best Buy is offering the Ring Pro with an Echo Show 5 and the extender/doorbell for $246.09 CAD

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Black Friday deal on alarm system :wink:

This Caseta dimmer with pico is pretty good for $52.06.

Stopped into Lowe’s to see what the deals were. This particular Lowe’s smart home selection is a bit sad. Consists mostly of endcaps that are poorly maintained, but I came across these.

I don’t even have any fixtures in my house that take BR30. So I picked up two, scanned them at the register, and they came up as $3 CAD. I went back and picked up four more. :laughing:

Yeah, they are getting rid of most smart lights. I was at one near my place and all Phillips hue bulbs/sensors are gone and the Osram garden spots were on clearance for $20 and the extension for $5. I was so good at controlling my impulse and walk away.

At $3 a bulb, I’m just going to hack away. Always wanted to, but never wanted to destroy a perfectly good bulb. This I’m ok with if it doesn’t work out.

I know exactly what you mean. When Hue just came out. I destroyed at least 3 bulbs just to play around with the circuit boards.

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