Can someone point me in the right direction HUBITAT-->HOOBS(on a pi)-->HomeKit

I have setup my hubitat elevation. I also put HOOBS on a raspberry pi. My understanding is that you need HOOBS or similar to talk to HomeKit. I sifted through alot of posts on this and it seems like alot of peoples directions are for putting HomeBridge on a NAS or similar.

I wanna put all my devices on Hubitat and then use Hoobs to talk to HomeKit correct?

What do I need to put on Hubitat and what do I need to put on Hoobs?

Can someone link the directions or talk me through what needs to be on both?

I'm sure this has come up on here several times but i'm a noobs

thx in advance

Use one of these two integrations on Hubitat, and follow the instructions that come with the integration you choose:


thx for the response. I understand these are directions for "Homebridge" but i'm using Hoobs. Are these directions the same for Hoobs?

HomeBridge is the tool to port data from Hubitat to HomeKit, so that you can control the devices on your Apple.

i understand this, I'm using Hoobs and i think the platform looks a little different than homebridge correct or no?

Hoobs just has a different interface - you will still need to install either Hubitat plugin as @aaiyar mentioned.. With the maker plugin on the Hubitat side you would need to install a new instance of Maker API and use that info to configure the HOOBs plugin. If using Tonesto's you need to install the related app on HE as well as the plugin in HOOBs. You can use the community package manager app for that or do it manually...

Or am I not understanding what you need?

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Think of Hoobs as a fork of HomeBridge. The integration on the Hubitat side is exactly the same.


This is my setup:

I started by installing and configuring Homebridge v2 in Hubitat (mentioned by @aaiyar).

Then On the Hoobs side, go to the plug-ins area and search for Hubitat Tonesto7 and… that’s it.

I also bought a HomePod mini to work as my home hub (I don’t use it for anything else).

It is running for several months now without a glitch. Best thing ever.


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