Can I add a Broadlink Diver?

I'm looking for a driver for a Broadlink Mini 3
apparently, an RM Pro driver may work. I added one to an ST hub and it worked, but it must be incompatible with Hubitat.

I would like to automate it with Hubitat's much superior Rule Machine.

Also, a second question. How do I change the attributes of a button in the IHC app? I have the old remote The only button that works right is the power button.

EDIT: I am in the Broadlink app now and the device/appliance I added in IHC, is in the Broadlink app.
still can't find out how to reprogram the buttons with my old remote.

I am a Broadlink noob. Any help is appreciated.

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hey @playsdbass - a quick forum search will bring up the thread that this device has been discussed.

there is also a forum post with all manner of drivers community developed

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Thanks Steve.

I still consider myself a Super-noob in some areas. I will search more before posting next time.

Thanks again.

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it's all good mate, we all start somewhere. You will get a more educated/helpful response in that thread where the guys have already been playing around with them.

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