Can Hubitat & RM4 replace ST & WebCore+Google Asst. Relay?

I'm currently waiting for my C7 hub to arrive, on ST now and using WebCore and Greg Hesp's Google Asst Relay to send GH broadcasts when doors or windows are left open for a certain amount of time, or are open when they should be closed, when laundry is done, etc.

Asst Relay and WebCore have been very reliable and effective for this. Is Rule Machine able to provide the same type of capability and reliability? I've been searching but am having trouble finding recent posts related to using RM to create GH announcements. Maybe that means things are working so well no one is talking about it? :slight_smile:

Appreciate any feedback on this, or if RM is not the way to go and there is a more reliable/better way to go. Thanks!

You can do announcements via the chromecast integration but it does stop anything that is already playing on it as it is like casting anything else to a device.
You also can only do it to a certain device if you want not always to all of them like with GAR.
I use GAR for announcements as I don't want my music to stop but have used the chromecast as well at times.

The built in notification app is really where you should start and only use RM if it can't do what you need but sounds like it will. There are also many community laundry apps that will work better than RM.


Thanks very much...we don't use GH at all for music so it won't be an issue if it works via CC integration.

Thanks for the pointer to the Notification app and community laundry apps - I'll look into them.

One thing you didn't speak to directly that I'm still interested in is reliability - have you found using RM>Chromecast to create GH announcements to be very reliable?

There is the same little delay as normal with casting for HE to connect but I never had any issues with it. Others did which was a problem with the devices not staying connected.
This app was written to help with it.

Here's some of the laundry apps.

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I've had a few issues in the past with the Google devices becoming detached. I recommend you use the "Chromecast Helper" app to ping your devices every 4 minutes (the default setting, I recall). For me this has helped keep them connected and they work very reliably now.

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