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Hi friends, I'm starting with hubitat and I would like to know which cameras would be good in hubitat, I know it has to be through http, but I have bought two, one xiaomi and one yi and it does not open me through http, I would like you to tell me a camera that integrates, I heard about OVNIF, help me, thank you

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You'll need to flash to enable RTSP instead. Search on google for fanghacks to see if your cameras are supported.


ONVIF is not going to help you. Most of us here use camera snapshot image or mjpg video to display it on the dashboard.
I use a program called Blue Iris to convert my camera RTSP, ONVIF to mjpg video for my HE dashboard. You can't display RTSP video with the native HE dashboard but I believe there is a community android dashboard support RTSP. You can check them out at the link below.
I also use the camera snapshot to refresh my image every 1 second.
What kind of integration are you looking for?


Thanks to both of you, I am looking for a camera to watch over my house, since nowadays they are stealing a lot, I have hubitat on a tablet and I would like that when I get up and go to look at the tablet the camera can also be seen live

Depending on the type of tablet you have, for Android I would start searching for Tinycam Pro. There are several treads about it.


Without the fanghacks or similar mod (there are a couple of mods floating around) you won't be able to view the camera stream even with Blue Iris. So as a start you'll need to do the hack (which isn't permanent) and then use something like Blue Iris or motioneye to convert the RTSP stream to mjpeg which can then be displayed on your dashboard.

Note that you won't be able to show a live stream, only a series of 1s snapshots but should be good enough. If you want to do motion detection search for @Angus_M's tinycam compatible app and see if that suits.

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Hey @Navat604,

How do you have your dashboard doing the 1 second refresh? Is that the native dashboard or the Android community version?

With the image template on the native HE dashboard. You have the option to pick the refresh rate. Click on the 3 dots on the image tile and you should see the setting there.

Ok, thank you!

what is the version of the android community??

I meant the community driven Android app talked about here in the forum. I don't personally use it though so I have no idea. I use IOS devices and so I'm currently using the stock dashboard but starting to play with HomeBridge as well.

thanks my friend

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hello friends I bought a camera that is ONVIF to insert it in hubitat, for now I can see it and tinycam, what would be the next step for hubitat? the camera is a TAPO C200, I hope your help and sorry, I am a newbie

The most direct way is to use a camera that can stream mjpeg, as a couple people have mentioned. That streaming URL can be added directly to a dashboard tile.

At the moment I have been able to open it by tinycam in chrome, but I have entered the address that it gives me in hubitat and I do not get anything, how would that be about mjpeg?

I don’t know that much about tinycam. But I assume that means you’re running it on an android device and using its web server?

Is tinycam re-encoding your camera as an mjpeg stream? If not, I don’t think you can use the URL in your Hubitat dashboard directly.

Put the address from TinyCam into an image tile in your dashboard, as the background url.

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Since you are using TinyCam you may also want to try this app. It will enable you to activate virtual motion sensors in HE from your cameras in TinyCam when they see motion or AI object detection of people, vehicles, pets, faces.


I don't think it transmits it in mjpeg.

@Angus_M knows a lot more about using tinycam with Hubitat than I do.

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