Calling all raspberry pi nerds (Bluetooth to WiFi)

I use nerds respectfully, I consider my self an un-smart nerd lol.
So basically I have an anova souse vide nano, it’s Bluetooth only. One I’m out of range the app no longer works. Since the raspberry pi is a bt rx/tx, I wonder is some how I can make it an intermediary and make my anova WiFi? Basically I want my iPad to find the anova in range but it’s not, it’s in range of the pi Thank you

Here - this should do what you need:

And I'll go one step further. If you run Node-RED on that RPi, you can also integrate it with Hubitat-paired devices for notifications (or anything else) by using @fblackburn's Node-RED nodes for Hubitat.


I knew you’d come through!

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Any one seen something like this for a Bluetooth instapot?

HUGE fan of cooking Sous Vide but my cooker doesn't have BT. Now I want one w/ BT!!!

I’m slow, sorry.

“ It was written to integrate with Home Assistant using the MQTT HVAC component. But should work well with any other automation system.”

Does this mean I can skip home assistant and just use homekit with my raspberry pi? Installing h.a just for this seems like a waste @aaiyar

Following. Would love to integrate as well.

I am making in a way BLE gateway. I am able to pull advertising data from a couple Xiaomi sensor. I also able to read/write attribute of an BLE peripheral.

I back-haul the data through my zigbee sensor at this point. I am considering other option such as LAN device and a few other options. I am just wondering if I can get some interest in helping testing or making DTH for devices like the Sous Vide.

Here is how far I am to have my hub working with Bluetooth.

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