C8 ZWave dead to the world

Just moved into a new house, had a C4, C5 and C7 in my old home, never fully migrated to the C7 but used it for my apps. New home I figured let's start fresh with a new C8. My initial devices were all zigbee which "just work". I wanted to begin to build my zwave mesh.....Ugh thats when the trouble began. Simply put I can get various devices, zooz temp sensor, zooz, appliance outlet, dome water valve, zooz moisture sensor all to work properly and have a predictable inclusion and exclusion on each the C4, C5 and C7, when he comes to the C8....NOTHING. I only got 1 device to associate but in an odd state when it was laying on top of the hub physically. I have reset the radio, excluded devices used a z-stick, all methods that have worked flawlessly in the past. Hard reboots, put on a funny hat, talked nice to it....and nothing. I wanted to believe it was related to device security but I am not even getting that far. I even tried using the QR and app....device sits in a pending state and never adds.

I am running anyone got the silver bullet ?



Submit a warranty claim


I hear allot of people with zwave issues on the C8, my last try was going to be I got a bunch of new zooz 800 series switches. I might need to warranty it I want one of the powers that be to take a look before I go down that road paging @bobbyD

Where? I see a lot of people saying the Z-Wave on the C-8 works better than any other prior hubs, myself included.

A warranty claim will go directly to @bobbyD AND get a more prioritized response than on the forums. Since it sounds like you mostly know what you are doing and you are able to include the same devices on other hubs without issues I assume you have a hardware issue. The only other thing I could think of is if you have the Z-Wave radio disabled on the C-8, and somehow have not noticed this on the details page?


I guess I just hate defeat, I have toggled it reset it...she's active

You could also check the Logs > Location Events and Hub Events tabs to see if there are any Z-Wave Crashed log messages. If it is crashing constantly, another sign of hardware issues when you have no devices included yet.

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Sorry for double post...
Forgot about ONE thing that effects ONLY the C-8.
How is the hub powered? If its PoE (with splitter), switch to a regular supply block.

It is detailed in this pinned post: ‼ READ FIRST - Before Posting in Get Help


This was also one of my final things I wanted to try...I just need to find the box with my brick in it. It is PoE powered

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That's the problem, guaranteed.

Known issue with the C-8 and typically only with Unifi PoE switches. Impact is most noticeable on the Z-Wave radio. People have reported other issues as well.
No one knows why, guessing it is some sort of interference on the power line, or possibly underpowering the hub. Usually works fine with other PoE sources.

You can use ANY 1a power block, like an old phone charger.


Problem solved just added about 5 devices in short order.

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Quick follow up, the C8 is working very well, and thus far impressed with the zooz 800 series switches. The hubs overall range is really impressive.


Happy endings are the best and Jeff is an ace troubleshooter (as you probably noticed). :slight_smile:


Be sure to check this out for the switches. I hear it works pretty good :wink:


I got a tub of new zooz stuff to install in my new place...this will come in handy..I am checking it out now ~ Thank you

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I have an advanced driver for almost all of their products (working on it). So be sure to check them all out if you want to unlock all the settings!


Only have a few dimmers and switches up so far, and a temp/humidity sensor. I was a big fan of the GE enbrighten Zigbee switches but they are costly, so now I use them strategically to build my zigbee mesh

I thought these had gone the way of the Passenger Pigeon...they are still being sold? Or do you have a stash? :slight_smile:

Oh, and Inovelli has Zigbee switches. :slight_smile:

These are the newer ones...not the green Jasco original ones.


Allot nicer than the originals, smaller form factor overall...been rock solid

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Cool...for some reason I thought they were gone.

I'm 100% GE Enbrighten/UltraPro Z-Wave dimmers (and a few switches). Like their products very much.

I like them as well, I had a few die on me older Zwave ones. I am really curious about the 800 LR stuff although not officially supported by hubitat so far so good...but its only been a day lol