C8 z-wave device and inclusion failures

Migrated from my C-7 to C-8, and my Zen16 wasn't talking. Was trying to do a replace and that didn't work either.

Giving up, removed (got it to exclude) but trying to re-include and it won't include. Anyone else have one of these that's working with a C-8? Going to let Mesh stabilize overnight and see if it'll include tomorrow.

Yes, I have a Zooz Zen16 multi relay working on my c-8.
I migrated it with the cloud migration, and then tested that it worked on my c-8.
It operates my garage doors.

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My Zen16 migrated over to the C-8 without any problems. Since you are having problems I would try a factory reset on yours before you include.

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Probably should have just done that before resetting / excluding it.
All the routes get dropped at migration so it can rebuilt with the new hub.
Most likely it is having a hard time finding a route to the hub at the moment.

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yeah... I know. =/

most stuff has come back, a few things haven't yet, so I'm gonna check stuff tomorrow and make sure batteries haven't died. inclusion still isn't working after factory reset, so yeah, just gonna let things sit.

Thanks all! will post back if I still can't get it to work (or if it does finally include)

Interesting side note, includes go for 100 seconds, but the actual include part seems to time out after 50 or so, with a message in logs:

Z-Wave Inclusion timed out, status:7

I had a number of devices that took quite a while to stabilize and I'm still (3 weeks in) having issue with a couple of them, most notably ring gen 2 keypads, zooz motion sensors, and a zen17. I've tackled most of the others (I tossed the motion sensors - never liked those anyway) but because the zen17 is down in the basement I haven't messed with it yet. Curious to hear how you make out. I may go exclude and re-include mine today.

Yeah, still won't include. I have two Ring Gen2 contact sensors that had dead batteries that also are taking their sweet time to talk again.

Fired off a ticket to Zooz to see if they have any other options. Let me know if your 17 includes. The 16 is "similar" (500 chipset vs 700).

My ZEN16 happily migrated over and continues to work.
Are you able to unmount it and try pairing it very close to the hub?
Have you factory reset and/or excluded it?

Oh maybe instead of moving it, do you have any zwave plugs or other easily movable devices? Maybe moving a repeater close to it would also help.

Another trick is to try excluding it and if it does not easily exclude then it wont be able to pair either. You said you finally got it exclude, which sounds like maybe it was not easy?

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I have it unmounted currently and am trying right next to hub. :confused:

Excluding did happen after two tries originally. No luck trying to reexclude.

It was paired as S2 unauthenticated originally. Not sure if that’s causing some odd behavior.

Do the factory reset procedure on the device in case the exclude is not resetting it.
Also, I would power down the hub, pull power for 30 seconds and reboot. Let it settle for a couple of minutes then try pairing it again after the fresh boot. Zwave radio might be all jammed up.

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Have tried all that. :frowning: leaving the zen16 unplugged for a bit and will try again a bit later.

My Z17 out on my detached garage migrated fine -- I tested it this morning to verify.

It's just on "None" security though -- even though it's on my garage door, I don't use S2 anywhere on my ZW network since that makes device f/w updates practically impossible.

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It acts like it thinks it included sometimes. The led will stop flashing faster than other times. Then the hub will indicate include timed out. So it feels like hub is waiting on some piece of info. :confused:

That’s very similar to the experience I had with a number of devices. One thing that helped me was to shut the hub down and remove power for a minute then fire things back up. Just had that issue with an Aeotec trisensor.

What I don’t know is whether there is something in my mesh that is overwhelming the radio but yet was not causing issues on the C7 or if this is something else.

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Thanks. Did try that (powering down). But waiting for my ring contact sensors to re-pair and then will poke again.

Did you have any luck with your zen16? I finally got some time to mess with my zen17. Got it to exclude after a few tries but never did get an inclusion. Tried a factory reset, tried inclusion multiple times. Finally gave up on the C8, fired up the zwave radio on a C7, boom, included right away, no issues, working great.

I have not. Nor gotten my ring Gen 2 contact, or 800 stick to successfully include. :confused:

Something definitely not right. :frowning:

Are u close to thr hub on my c7 would not include in place also does it require security to work?

Yes. Have tried a couple feet all the way up to 10 ft. All of those should be plenty close.

Agreed. There is something not OK with zwave on the C8.