C8 Feature Request for POE support

Title speaks for itself, please have the C8 support POE natively.


C8? - What is this mythical device you speak of



Well, at some point a new model's gonna be in the works, right?... hopefully?. Might as well throw out as many 'nice to haves' as possible :slight_smile: .

I dunno. Splitter works fine and they're cheap as heck.


I see your point and I get that it's cheap and simple (I've used a lot in the past) but why have another piece of hardware if you don't have to? Also (I know that it probably won't be an issue with the next gen, but..), the power connector on the C7 has been an issue.

I believe Hubitat also specifically states that you cannot use the Hubitat with a PoE splitter, so while it may work, it's also very unsupported. I tend to shy away from things relating to power that are unsupported. An actual PoE interface on the Hubitat would be a welcome additional as a supported feature.

The documentation clearly states that the hub should not be attached to a PoE port. But there's nothing in there indicating that the use of a PoE splitter is verboten.


It should not be attached to a dumb poe port that cannot distinguish between a poe and non poe device. Every single one of the switches in my house are POE. A splitter is safe and many of use them. Now if I had a non intelligent poe port that would be bad.


I see this as enough of an edge use-case that it might not make sense to include as a standard feature on future hardware revisions. PoE splitter works very well for me too. JMO.


Seems kind of crazy, but when Home Assistant released their Yellow hardware, it was built with enough flexibility to have PoE and non-PoE versions.

I agree with you that it is an edge-case use, but high quality networking equipment is rapidly gaining entry into homes. So perhaps in a few years it will not be an edge case.


To share info, just bought 3 POE splitters from aliexpress, all cheap 5.00USD and under. Beware as these cheapo splitters do not send data unless a device is pulling power through the splitter. I mention it since my other more expensive splitters don't do this, and will feed data or power independently.

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These are the ones I use and they've been great.


Yes please. POE support would be great. None of these nonsense about splitters and stuffs :rofl:. Yes, I do have 3 splitters on my hubs.



There’s a discussion about the new hub appearing on the FCC’s website here.

But unless I’m mistaken, there’s no indication the new hub will support PoE.

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I've also used similar POE splitters w/no issues. Adding link as these are still available in case anyone's looking.


And if it ain't there now, it's not coming w/the C8, that's for sure. :slight_smile:


Ain't gonna happen.


Just a note that the majority of POE splitters are 100Mbs max and won’t handle gigabit. Not that that matters on a C7