C7: Z-Wave version


C7: Z-Wave SDK update to 7.15.4.

Is there a corresponding software update for the radio? My C7 on reports that it's running 7.15.4 of the SDK but only 7.14 on the radio.

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No update to the radio yet


Where do you find the level of the SDK and the Radio?

Hub Information Driver

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 8.39.20 AM


Sorry. Have not used a Virtual Device, before...

I have added the Hub Information Driver to my HE. I then added a Virtual Device that uses that driver.

Now what??? How do I display the information that this virtual device is collecting?

Easiest way is to enable the creation of the html attribute inside the driver, and then use the attribute tile template to display it on the dashboard.

Had previously updated my Z-wave SDK via @bcopeland. I am now running HE reports the Z-Wave SDK is 7.15, not 7.15.4. How come not 7.15.4?

Only can report what I’m given: