C7 Z-Wave repair, more failed nodes than not,

The way to build a proper mesh is starting closest to the hub and working outwards. If you have some repeaters you could do that first too - just pair them starting one close to the hub, then the next further away and the next farther.. when thats done then you could pair the rest of your devices as needed.

You should not have to bring the hub to the switches. I did not at my clients and I was pairing switches on the 3rd floor while the hub was on the first floor.

You will want to pair the S2 switches with the hub directly.

All my devices are Zooz S2, so what I did was right?

Or I should stop using S2 for all devices except Access Control which I don't understand either.

Yep! Except with some Zooz devices pairing with the default S2 authentication (the boxes that have checks by default) seems to cause issues. I managed to get all my switches/dimmers paired by unchecking all the boxes and going from there.

Not sure security is really necessary on devices like switches but each to their own.

Stuff like Locks are so called "Border Devices" (Access Control??) you want security on those of course.

I have just gone through exactly these same issues as you are describing. (C7 version .151)
A few points that I learnt:

  1. If you have any ghost devices, get rid of them first. (If they are not plugged in, you can use the Remove button, from Zwave Settings. If they are plugged in, you may have to use PC Controller.) Ghost devices will have blank in the clusters column.
  2. Try the soft reset procedure. Be careful when you do it, and follow instructions meticulously.
  3. Try shutting down the Hub for 1-3 minutes, and then turn it back on.
  4. Give the hub and the mesh a few minutes to "settle down". Have patience. (This is a hard one to do).
  5. Finally, even if the Zwave Repair shows some nodes as Failed, if you can control them from the device page, then don't worry about it.

Shutting down the hub means powering it off.. you want to make sure the Z-Wave radio clears.

Also there is a new update with some Z-Wave fixes... I just upgraded.. :crossed_fingers:

Here's a scenario I'd like feedback on.

I have 3 new switches, I include them (S2 unauthenticated), I test them, instant on/off, then I install them in their homes, test them, no problem, next day, only the manual events report, commands from the hub never seem to 'arrive'


Try and pair them with no security (no checkboxes) especially if they are Zooz and see what happens...

(sorry to sound like a broken record!)

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My preferred approach, and suggestion/recommendation to anyone who will listen, is when including switches, dimmers, plugs, and outlets, always try no security first w/S2 devices (uncheck all security option boxes when including). Start simple, if that works you're done. If not, then you can increase complications (include w/security) to see if that helps.


:point_up: This!!!!

Did you see the issue with the Zooz Double Plug?

I don't think it's just that device but that is pure speculation on my part. I do know I was unable to pair a Zen24 V3 dimmer as S2 unauthenticated but paired fine with no security.

is there an "easy" way to drop S2 to none?

or a ton of exclude 'down 3 times' , include, 'up 3 times' and hope it connects :confused:

You have to reinclude unfortunately. Make sure you have your Z-Stick available!

First thing to do is pair the Z-Stick with the HE following @danabw's instructions. Pretty straightforward steps 1 - 13.

Next get the Node ID of the device you want to remove you can find this on the Z-Wave details page in the first column. You want the decimal representation not the Hex. It's the one in the parenthesis "()". This id is the one that represents the device in the PC Controller software.

Next try a "normal" exclude by starting the removal process for the device on HE. Once that's going then 3 rapid down presses on the switch - I would wait a bit here even if it starts asking you to "force remove". If that doesn't work I usually click up once then try 3 rapid down presses again and wait longer.. if the message goes away you are good. If not then a force remove is probably in order. Once that happens you will likely have a ghost.. so following @danabw's method is the way to go.

Once the device is gone then what I like to do is unplug the Z-Stick from the computer and take it over to the switch, turn it on by pressing the button on the face and put it into exclusion mode using a long press. It should change from blue to blinking yellow. Then do the 3 rapid downpresses again. If the LED ring on the stick flashes blue briefly then the device was excluded (I do this one or two times to see if its responding properly). Next go back to the HE and go into Z-Wave inclusion mode then do another 3 rapid downpresses. Eventually the security box should pop up - make sure all boxes are unchecked before moving on. Hopefully the device will be found and you can proceed as normal. If not then go to the Z-Wave details page and if the device is there (it will be down at the bottom) play around with some combination of discover/refresh/repair and then reboot. It should come up as Zooz Central Scene Controller or somesuch. If not use the PC Controller sw to remove..

Note1: I have been using the 3 rapid down presses for the most part. I know the documentation says 3 up presses or 3 down then 3 up.. but 3 down seems to work for me. ymmv - do what works!

Note2: If you have a firmware file instead of removing the ghost you can try and upgrade the firmware via the PC Controller SW. If you do this then the "is failed" button will just work and you can "Remove Failed" without having to turn the power off to the device or any such thing.


I have a Aoetec Z-Stick and I have the simplicity studio. Your write up talks about using the SiLabs UZB stick, but earlier post indicate the Aoetec stick is acceptable as well. I already had the Z-stick from another project and hoped to use it instead of having to buy something else.

Your writeup says to install the simplicity studio and then use it to install the PC controller software. I can't seem to get past this point.

I assume because my Z-Stick doesn't seem to be recognized. I plug it in but it never installs a driver. Is there a step I am missing using the Z-Stick?

One of the threads I read recently said they had to manually install the driver for one of the sticks, not sure if it was the Aoetec or not.

The SS interface is terrible.. If you click on the "Tools" button do you see Z-Wave PC Controller? If not you may have to add the tool via the add/remove link.

edit: I just put my Z-Stick in and ran SS and it wasn't found either but it works in the PC Controller SW.

There is nothing under tools, there is a add/remove tools and when I click that I get the dialog for adding via device or technology. I have tried the connect by device a few times but it never finds my Z-Stick. So where do I find the PC Controller software, I can't seem to find a link for it.

I have just now downloaded the tool from Aeotec to verify I have the latest firmware on my Z-stick. I have had it a couple years I think.

AFAIK most any UZB stick should work, the link to the Silabs in the doc is just to help folks find an expensive one if they want to. I've edited the doc to make sure it doesn't sound like you have to use that stick, and included specific references to other UZB stick options as well.

I have never downloaded the SS package, I had the PC Controller app via direct download earlier. Not sure why you don't see anything under Tools, as that's where others say it is located. Maybe your SS install got borked somehow, might try an uninstall/re-install?

So select "Install by Technology Type" and then check the Z-Wave box then Advanced - install the SDK. You don't need the HK Bridge.

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Sounds like our guide needs to get some updates related to the annoying SS package.

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