C7 - problem with ZEN25

Your issues are caused by Hubitat, not the device, but the next hub update is supposed to fix them...


I'm running a C7 and I have a couple of places where the physical layout of the ZEN25 would really be useful. Did the issues in this thread get resolved with the latest HE FW?

Edit - Never mind. I see the other, more recent thread now.


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Definitely change the parameter referred to in that thread if you're going to use the plugs. Mine has been behaving well on my C7. It's in a location not too far from the hub (about 20-25' and through one wall and closet).

Excellent. Thanks.

Shoot - forgot to mention that you'll also want to join it w/no security - when the security dialog appears during pairing uncheck all options so it looks like below.

If you're joined w/security you'll need to exclude and re-include it, unfortunately.

It should show "None" in the second to last column (Security) on the Z-Wave Details page:

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