C7 - problem with ZEN25

I meant refresh the web page after clicking configure...

Well after waiting alot longer than I expected, the info now shows the firmware version but still do not have the 2 child outlet control

Details on S2 security updates are in the 2.2.3 release notes.

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For those who have this device setup and working correctly, I'm curious as to the security option chosen when pairing this device,.. S2 C0, S2, C1 or S2 C2

Mine is NOT joined securely on my C4

When I joined mine and checked S0, S2 C0 and S2 C1... my C7 now adds it as a Power Strip. Geez this is getting a bit frustrating.

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Cut your losses...grab the plug and walk outside, throw it as far as you can down the street. Then run back in and shut your door and lock it.


This is on my C-7

It did pull it in as a power strip though, and not the double plug


When you join it, you should do S2 Unauthenticated as that's what it supports

This was after a few disconnects and reconnects. It does show the S2 security and the firmware.

One thing to note though, it still hasn't produced the child devices to control each plug individually

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did you make sure I got the correct device driver? Several of my attempts to include it it would come in as a plane quote "Device" and I had to select the driver manually.

I had it show up as Zooz Power Strip or Device, it never pulled it in as Zooz Double Plug. I had to manually change it each time

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C-5 detects it no problems though

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Put a C7 sticker on your C5 label and call it done. :wink:

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xD I was planning on putting labels on them so I can identify them from the top when looking at them.

The C-7 seems to handle my Iris v3 keypad better though, so once things stabilize with the C-7 I'll move things over. Until then, they'll just be separate (C-7 for testing)

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I'm still getting the following error with the ZEN25 after the update on the Hubitat C7. Is anyone seeing the same thing?


errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: zoozDoublePlug.parse() is applicable for argument types: (hubitat.zwave.commands.supervisionv1.SupervisionGet, java.lang.Short) values: [SupervisionGet(statusUpdates:false, reserved:0, sessionID:31, commandLength:10, commandClassIdentifier:50, commandIdentifier:2, commandByte:[33, 50, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]), ...] Possible solutions: parse(java.lang.String), wait(), run(), reset(), run(), grep() (parse)

My ZEN25 worked with my C7 for a few days. Yesterday it was no longer communicating with C7 and now I can't get it to rediscover.

Quick side question, is there a BETTER plug to buy?

HE/Zooz have said that FW 2.2.4 will come w/fixes for Zen25...however, no one knows when that release is coming.

I've had success w/a plug from Eva Logik (Z-Wave Plus), and also Centralite (good Zigbee repeater ).


how would we upgrade it once it gets released?

The FW release I'm referring to is HE firmware...once you have the new HE FW you're updated. :slight_smile:

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awesome. good to know. thank you :slight_smile:

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