C7 2.3.1 and Z-Wave Firmware 7.17.1

@bobbyD @bcopeland Another one is out!


I suspect @bcopeland already knew about it. :wink: Z-Wave is his playground. :smiley:

Good to see that they hit release on 7.18.2. Hopefully it will test out well and come to us in a future hub Z-Wave FW update. :clap:


Well it seems to work okay on the UZB-7s and secondary controller functions via PCS etc so there is that... :smile:

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We'll take what we can get. :wink:

Did you find a UZB stick update file for the SilLabs UZB-7 stick? I'd like to put it on mine...

Whoops my bad... ...17.2 apologies. :man_facepalming:

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Here you go... they changed the firmware name to the radio board.

Just updated mine.. not showing as 18.2 so :man_shrugging:

This is the list of GBL files.. There is another file of the same name with a "_v255" on the end, not sure what it is.. so left it alone.

I got the name "BRD4206A" from this link here.

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Thanks...you've helped me maintain the status of my "Update at any cost, regardless of risk, and with little thought of the consequences" merit badge.



My life in emoji
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We really need to get a T-shirt with that on it.


That's the engineering oh-sh1t firmware. No need to use that unless you need to reinstall the same firmware version more than once. Normally it won't let you install the same version on top of itself - this gives you 1x more try.


0xFF ftw!


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Cool! Did not know that.

Wait. How do you update a UZB?

Instructions to update a UZB stick are in the ghost removal instructions PDF.


I maybe I was so focused on the ghost task I missed the update instructions, thanks!

@bcopeland anyway of rolling from 18 back to this version? Ever since my update a lot of my legacy z-wave devices which were running great on 17 are now frequently not responding again like on older firmware.

I had issues at first, turned out to be one Aeotec Smart Switch 7, I used the circuit breaker to house to shut off power to all the zwave devices in house, and still had issues, then found had one Aeotec Smart Switch 7 was plugged into ups backup, once unplugged that and replugged in, have had no issues sense

not sure it will help, but seemed to help me

Spent the last 48 hours doing things like that trying to resolve issues just like the old days before 17. You get periods of stability then goes to pot again for no apparent reason. 17 has been nearly flawless and really regretting updating both hubs to 18 without testing first.

I had some weird issues after the FW upgrade too. Tbh this is normal IME and is easily resolved 99% of the time by a graceful shutdown and then full power of for 30 seconds.

The only issue I saw after the firmware update was my Dome Siren that plays doorbell chimes when the garage and some other doors open kept dinging for about 30 seconds vs dinging once. After the first time it did that it didn't do it again.