C-8 stuck at Initializing Hub: 15% - updating database

The power to my C-8 was accidentally disconnect and when booting up it is stuck on updating database. I have searched the community and followed steps using soft reset/switch version/restore backups but all attempts either end up stuck on updating database or corrupt database. My latest local backup is version but I have tried switching back to & with the same result using older local backups. My first hub was a C-7 from 2019 and upgraded to a C-8 last summer and in all my years I have never had any issue that required any reset. My C-8 has an active Hub Protect and Remote Admin subscription but the cloud backup started failing last fall and due to my good luck of never needing to restore a backup I have been ignoring it and relying on local backups. I have been careful to not reset the radio side as I have many paired z-wave devices and rules defined and desperate to recover my setup from my latest if possible but I am out of things to try. Help!

So just to be clear....you used the Diagnostic Tool (hubIPaddress:8081) to do a soft reset and restored your most recent local backup, and the hub still got stuck or reported a corrupt database?

Yes, that is correct. Using the 8081 interface I performed a soft reset and then a local restore with my latest local backup resulting in the same stuck updating database state. I have a new C-8 pro coming today that I am hoping I can restore using my latest local backup that I have saved out in an attempt to at least recover my rules setup. I understand I will have to re-pair my devices since a local backup does not backup the radios. My last successful cloud backup was from last fall and many rules (30+) have been added since then. Does this restore strategy to a new hub have any chance of success on recovering my rules engine setup?

Yes, I believe it should. The devices won't work, since your Z-Wave and Zigbee radios won't be restored. But so the rules should be there.

I received my new C-8 Pro but unfortunately restoring by backups results in the same stuck %15 updating database state. That pretty much rules out any issue with the hub hardware and must be something in the database that is tripping up the startup process.

Would it be possible for me to upload my latest backup somewhere for support to try and troubleshoot the reason for stuck state? Rebuilding my 50+ automations from scratch is going to be a difficult task and is a very depressing thought.

Did you try other backups?

If you can get the C8 working with an older backup, you can then migrate to the C8-Pro with a free migration backup.

Here are my instructions for this issue:


Yes, I have tried all of my local backups. This is the result of performing a soft reset, uploading the local backup to the new C-8 Pro hub and then performing a restore on each backup.

Platform version:

2024-02-13~ Initializing Hub: 15% - updating database
2024-01-13~ Initializing Hub: 15% - updating database
2023-12-20~ Initializing Hub: 15% - updating database
2023-12-11~ Initializing Hub: 15% - updating database
2023-09-03~ Works but so old basically starting over

Platform version:

2024-02-13~ Corrupt database found
2024-01-13~ Corrupt database found
2023-12-20~ Corrupt database found
2023-12-11~ Corrupt database found
2023-09-03~ Works but so old basically starting over

I have also performed these same steps on my original C-8 hub switching the platform version backup to the version running at the time of the backup with same results.

This has really shaken my confident in local backups. If you read my previous posts my cloud backups started failing last Oct. Since then I have been performing manual backups never dreaming that they would be useless in the event of a failure. It appears whatever was causing the cloud backups to fail is probably what is causing the local backups restore to hang on startup or with corrupt database with the newer platform version.

I see I am not the only user to have this issue based on your previous threads. It seems it would be in the best interest of engineering to take a look at my backups to determine the root cause of this issue. I would be more than glad to pay for a case incident if that is an possibility to try and recover at least a list of my device names and rule automations settings and improve the reliability of backups. Otherwise how can I trust that building all of this will not result in possibility losing it again in the future? I love this platform but I feel I am in need of some help from engineering.

I know it does not help now but I think they did add improvements in this area in 2.3.8, it looks like you were still on 2.3.7 at the time of the issue. As you indicated it detected the corrupted backup at boot when you updated to 2.3.8

From notes

Bug Fixes

  • Added better detection for broken database backups.

The hub holds up to 5 internal backups. Have you tried restoring an older backup that's on the hub. It's a long shot, because your manual backups are bad going back to September of last year, but might be worth a try.


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