C-7 Shipping Questions

There was a problem with our shipping system for many C-7 orders. Email shipment confirmations were not sent for many orders. We are no longer using that shipping system, so new orders should be getting confirmation emails. If you did not receive a shipping confirmation email and need to know your tracking information, you can send an email to orders@hubitat.com.

Sorry for the problems, but should be fixed going forward (and for past two days' orders).


There have been lots of mentions of people getting their C-7 without ever getting a notification that it shipped. I am one of them. I ordered a week ago Tuesday and got it yesterday in Texas. I was around order #14000.


My order number was 13,755. It was in USPS possession 24 Jul. I am currently away from home but USPS would have delivered my c7 Monday the 27th if I hadn't put a hold on my mail. I live in central Alabama. Going home today and have rainy weather thru the weekend. Ideal for staying in and playing with the new hub.

Hey Bobby - I'm in the same boat, never got any additional emails after the order confirmation and the tracking link in that mail still says prepping (see below), yet I got my device yesterday (YAY!!).

I'm super happy, but chiming in here so you have more fuel to add to your fire to help you push on your shipping vendor who seems to not have everything in order as I imagine you'd like.

Thank you, I'm super excited to plug this little guy in!

Your order is confirmed

We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status.


Nothing in my spam folder from goshippo.com.

Yeah... there's definitely a problem with your shipper's notifications.
The email that I originally got with my order says to follow the link to "View your order" which takes you to a link to download the "Shop" app for tracking.

Currently your website shows "Your order is confirmed - We’ve accepted your order, and we’re getting it ready. Come back to this page for updates on your shipment status" and the shop app showed only that I had a hub on order (my email address was confirmed through the shop app, and I got that email for confirmation)

Two days ago the "Shop" app changed to show that the hub had been shipped (but no emails or app notifications). And that afternoon, I pulled the hub out of my mailbox, and have it sitting on my desk right in front of me. The Shop app still shows (right now) that it has been "Shipped."

There are no further emails from Hubitat, Shippo or Shop in my email other than the original "order confirmed" email from Hubitat and the email confirmation request from the Shop app to confirm that my email was actually my email -- and I checked my spam folder too...

Super happy that it got here so fast, though!

To those who DID get the email notifications, was the purported sender a Hubitat address, or a goshippo.com address? If you look through the Internet header of the received message, do you see anything about DMARC or other indication that spam filters were a tiny bit suspicious of this message?

Since the problem appears to affect many, my theory is that, depending on your email service provider, the messages might have been blocked there (not put in your spam folder). Some are more aggressive than others, and if goshippo was not creating the emails correctly, this would happen.



Gmail spam filters had no issue with it.


Same here. I received an email stating my order was shipped, as well as one saying that it had been delivered.

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Weird. No emails at all for me. Only email with "shippo" in my gmail inbox is the USPS informed delivery notice when it was getting delivered.

Looking at the order online it still just says confirmed (but obviously I've already received it). :man_shrugging:

OK .. if the purported sender agreed with the originating domain, then the problem I was referring to would not occur.

@aaiyar i got both emails and they both came from "Hubitat, Inc. noreply@goshippo.com" Mine were sent to Hotmail. But regardless I got both..


DHL delivered yesterday and here are the charges in CAD:

Sales Tax: $22.67
Duty $0.00
Processing Fee: $12.71
Transaction Fee: $5.93

Total $41.31

Although delivery was very quick 4 days.

I'm interested in people using USPS, if Canada Post charges anything.

My package allegedly arrived today (in decontamination room now), and I didn't receive any emails at Hotmail (and checked the junk folder).....

Mine is currently at the border, awaiting processing. Will let you know the result. Obviously taking longer, but I’m okay with that, as I want to use the subscription to move my stuff over...

Will be interested to see how that works... Will I add the subscription to the C-5 and it will transition to the C-7...? Will see!

Wait what? That's on top of the 129.00 for the hub? So glad to be south of you


Yeah. Typically I just have it shipped to Buffalo and pick it up. I'm a few minutes from the border.

But it looks like the border is closed for the foreseeable future and I'm stuck using a customs broker.

I got notified from info@hubitat.com.

If anyone needs help with an order, send an email to orders@hubitat.com.