Built in Driver for Aeotec AERQ Temp and Humidity Sensors

Just included three AETOEC AERQ Temp and Humidity Sensors.

Just wondering when this driver will be completed?

The Device records Highest/Lowest Temp and Humidity and Mould Notifications - when will these be supported by the built in driver?

@bertabcd1234 is this on the plan at all?

Explain the driver being completed? and the device records low/high points?

The device stores high/low for both Temp and Humidity as well as a Mould alert.

As per the manual

Normally for a device of this nature I would expect the Device Interface to display these readings and an option for resetting them.

I am not staff, nor do they share plans with me. :slight_smile: However, my guess is that they'd consider the built-in driver complete. For "advanced" device features (which with stock Hubitat drivers often includes anything not easily exposed via "standard" capability attributes), you often need a custom driver. I'm not sure if anyone has one for this device. But if the max/min thing above is the only issue in question, there are lots of ways to achieve that on Hubitat already (with or) without a device that supports tracking it in its own (and you'll likely get more flexibility too), so that's something else to consider. For mold, I don't believe any Hubitat capability matches that measurement, so that's probably why it is not exposed in the stock driver.

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@bertabcd1234 but you are the fountain of all knowledge!!!!

I had been working under the, now realised false, assumption that the best Drivers were those built by the Hubitat team for Hubitat.

Understood, the built in Hubitat Drivers will offer basic functionality until a more comprehensive Driver is built by the community.

I am sure a min/max functionality can be constructed in a Rule, but the one built into the Device is a freebie - no CPU cycles required by the Hubitat Hub, as a rule I had expected the tiny Hubitat Hubs to be CPU limited and therefore expected optimised.

Good to know not an issue :slight_smile:

Hi/low alert "triggers" is by association from reading the manual and the mould value is explained if you use the search facility and stated on the aeotec website.

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Good point !!

The site you pointed to does list the limitations of the basic Driver provided.


Hubitat (#111): No dew point reports, doesn't report good/bad environment conditions for mold.


Not an issue.

The Hubitat driver is just a basic driver until a comprehensive one is built by the Community.

Hopefully that will come ..


I use the built in driver with no issues. Again, what are you expecting?

One of the three devices is working.

Two of the Devices won't include, but do manage to create Ghost devices.

So being able to Include them would be a great start.

Everything else is moot right now, spent 6 hours Resetting to factory, rebooting HE, deleting Ghost devices and Including and excluding and resetting to factory repeat repeat repeat

So the basic Driver is not an issue - I will be grateful if I can get Temp working - forget anything else - actually Battery would be nice.

I would say it's got to be your z-wave network. Both of mine worked fine on my C5 and now on my C7.

One thing I have learnt thou, the upgrade z-wave wise from c5 to c7 unless you need series 700 devices it's not worth it but it has taught me a lot about having a "decent" z-wave network.

The zwave network has been great for 10 years - only since Christmas has it ever shown any issues, which coincided with the migration to HE.

Could be a coincidence.

But having 100+ zwave devices with 80+% being mains powered I would expect it to be solid.

Certainly the devices all work Ok, and are reporting nicely, only the Including element is messing up, if you included the barrage of Ghost Devices created by including a device.

So I agree with you, would have stayed with a v5 zwave, but did not see that as an option on 24 Dec.

I have onboarded a lot of devices since Christmas, certainly the Inclusion process has be very clunky indeed, and as they were included 2 ft from the HE Hub don't believe the zwave network quality was a contributing factor in the inherent unreliability and subsequent spawning of ghost devices that require 20+ Remove attempts and hub reboots before they finally go.

These devices, being v7 devices are the absolute worst devices to connect to Hubitat to date and that is a tough one to win, with so much competition for that title.

The Aeotec seems incredibly well built and it is surprising to find them so bad.

I am left leaning towards the issue being HE c7 rather than the device, given that the SiLabs 700 fw bug is causing so many issues inside HE to make HE appear just confused - adding through SMARTSTART once results in 4 Devices showing - ALL OF which fail to include.

Also, the way that you have to press REMOVE so, so very many times to get a ghost device to die.

Well, now that there are other zwave 700 hubs on the market, I guess we'll see for sure whether it is sdk/software/firmware related, or Hubitat specific. :wink:

I have 3 different zwave 700 hubs right now, all different SDK/software versions (including the very latest released on 1 of them), I can make weird crap happen on all of them during pairing, exclusion, and with odd routing behavior - although different weird things on each... lol. So I don't think it is 100% unique to Hubitat, as much as I think it may be SDK/software v7.xx related.

But 'tis what it 'tis.


Feck me, 100+ devices, well that rules out my previous statement, I have about 20.

Definately something funky going on but the debugging on the c7 is only slightly better than c5. Even Home Assistant z-wave debugging is miles ahead.

The AEOTEC AERQ sensors included straight away with a 500 series zwave system- Included both devices in less than 2 minutes.

And that system included the Dew Point reports from the sensor :slight_smile:

So maybe the 700 series is just still too new for now.

I need to start thinking migrating the zwave back and keep the HE for the zigbee and put in MQTT back to the parent controller.

I need a home automation controller that I can add zwave devices to it and not take up a day and only get one of the supported devices to work and by the way drain the £5.99 batteries of two it would not Include.

Ok back to the drawing board for me.

Don't blame you, upgraded to a c7 to fault find my aeotec trv which ended up in a drawer anyway but now have all my fibaro devices paired via S0.

I am using 15 Sprit (AEOTEC) TRVs and they are great!!!!!

Absolutely rock solid!!

I use this driver

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As long as you don't want/need S2 security that's an option. I want S2, so I won't go back to z2m at this point.

Actually noticed what is missing from the default driver for Aeotec AERQ sensors, the temp offset, and probably the humidity offset, these are in other default/ built in temperature drivers but not this one.

And if the hood is open the Dewpoint report would be useful to grab.

My experience was pants! Using a wired solution now. I did mention my issues in that thread.