Brilliant Controls

Just received notice that I have one of these on the way:

This thing looks really cool to me. Compatible with Nest, Sonos, Alexa, SmartThings. I have no idea if it will work with Hubitat, but would love it if it did.


Holy smokes that's expensive.


These look amazing indeed, I looked into them a while back but could not justify the price, specially when I already spent a lot of money on replacing all my switches with Z-Wave plus ones, it would be a fortune to replace all of them with these... buying only the key ones would be an option but I hate UI inconsistency...

Also, it would be a lot cheaper to embed 10" tablets around the house with a fairly recent Android version that could do much more, although a ton of work in customization and installation, etc. but I love DIY projects like this as a hobby so that's what I'm trying to do right now...

All that said, I will be envious if I go to your house and see them installed and working :yum:, enjoy!

Wow for the price of these I might as well do the professional system. Wow! $$$$$

@arlomiller any luck getting these to work with Hubitat?

Hi, I'm interested in theses as well.

never got around to installing them, which is good, because i just moved! How i'm installing all new zwave stuff. will be awhile before I try these things again

Yeah wow, those things are hella expensive. I'd rather just wire up a tablet to the wall above my zigbee switches... or mount the tablet OVER the existing switches.

I have a Brilliant. I would love Hubitat integration.


Brilliant Controls - these controls are groundbreaking in design and should be added to the list of supported devices.

Sometimes the best route here is for potential customers to pester the manufacturer directly for support, most of the time given enough requests from customers the manufacturer reaches out to us with a sample or two along with any manufacturer specific info needed to provide integration support.


I have been using a Brilliant control for about a year now. It is "ok". They look great on the wall, however, the user interface is not exactly a tablet or iPhone - far from it. It is very limited and structured with not as much flexibility as you might expect. For example, on the "home page" you can set a 'favorite routine' but Sharp Tools / Action Tiles this is not. Even if there was integration with Hubitat, I question how useful / user friendly this would be. I use my Brilliant to turn on and off the lights and found that after a year of use that's really all I use it for.

Did Hubitat/Birlliant ever integrate? That would be great! I am migrating to Hubitat from Vera/Smartthings, These are all 3 z-wave hubs, so it should be possible for Brilliant to integrate and pull access to lights connected to Hubitat, just as it did via Smartthings. This is the core feature I am looking for. The motion sensors and sliders on the Brilliant can control devices and trigger scenes connected to the z-wave hub.


HI Arlo - Did you manage to integrate any Brilliant controls into your system? I am in remodel, and upgrading my entyire hom from Vera/Z-wave to Caseta + Pro Hub with Hubitat, Schalge w-wave locks etc. Ring is in the mix as well. I am hoping that there is a way to let the Brilliant switches connect to Hubitat, and thus control the lights etc. Your thoughts please!

Not yet! And probably not ever. I am cynical as the Brilliant devices I have found to be average at best. Still no Apple Homekit integration either despite promises more than a year ago. I would rather the Brilliant allow me to program thumbnail size buttons to trigger Homekit or Hubitat scenes and devices but that's a pipe dream that will never happen. I use the sliders and that's about it - I don't even use the touch display - but it is a nice clock.

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Nope, never heard from them.

My experience with homekit is that pretty much nothing works with it, unless that something is really expensive to begin with, but even then no guarantees. Ironically, some of the best in category stuff also happens to be some of the cheapest stuff. In fact pretty much the only good pricey smart home product I've seen is Hue. Life's too short for homekit.

I too would love to know if I buy this if I can get it working with Hubitat. I used Wink Relay in the old house, but this looks much better to me...

I accomplished integrating Brilliant to Hubitat by using SmartThings as an intermediary. Brilliant to SmartThings using built in integration. SmartThings to Hubitat using HubConnect. Works well.

Of course, it would be much more desirable if a direct interface existed.


@brun-fl-001 Just to clarify, using Smartthings does it work both ways?

Can you control Hubitat devices on the Brilliant?

Can you control the hard wired lights on the Brilliant using Hubitat?

I especially like the Ring integration, and the clean installation. Might be worth getting a smart things hub if it works reliable