Brand new Hubitat Hub, won't even turn on

Just got my new device and was wanting to mess around with it, but it will not even power on. Bummer.

Bummer to hear. Have you tried a different usb plug? Tagging @bobbyD

I agree, I would try a different power plug.

I don't have another plug that is only 1 amp.
Have plenty of Raspberry Pi plugs but they are all 2.5 amp

More the better as far as amps, but the voltage needs to be the same.

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ironically the 2.5a made it kick on

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Maybe it needed more β€œjuice” :joy:. Happy to hear you got it sorted.

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Maybe the original power supply is bad. As alluded to by @JBrown, devices connected to any power supply will only draw what they need (up to their max rated draw).

Just because the second power supply can put out 2.5A doesn't mean Hubitat is pulling over it's rated limit, which memory says is under 1A.


Glad to hear you got it sorted. Playing video games with my boy, so just checked back in. The community has your back.


Interesting... I have an early C4 that came with a 2A adapter. I've measured the power draw during startup with a meter (i.e. not fast enough to catch power spikes). I measured 0.7 amps at startup.

Perhaps the OP's issue is an unfortunate combination of a power spike and a power supply without a lot of short term current capability. On the other hand if maybe just a bad adapter.

The cords on the C-5's seem to be junk.

Use the original adapter with a different cable and it will likely power right up.

Granted the low quality of these adapters/cables does concern me as to the quality of the hardware inside the hub itself...

Poor quality control/bad parts at the factory could explain why there are some with slowdowns over time even on clean hubs.

I almost returned my hub because the cable that came with it went bad the second day my hub was up and no one seemed concerned at all... being told just get a new cable for a brand new product does not instill any confidence in the products quality control, and honestly I'm still concerned my hub is going to just die one day from a hardware fault due to poor quality control or second hand parts being used at the factory.

Granted aside from that concern I love my hubitat

It's not always easy to qc the place that's manufacturing your products. I think that the quality of even most brand named consumables has decreased. I don't worry about my HE dying. I'm going on two years and zero troubles. But, for me, I'd have no problem agreeing to power up my Hubitat hub with two paperclips a rubber band and a bobby pin if i had to. :grin:


But are you C-4 or C-5? I specifically think there may be an issue in a subset of the C-5 line, and for the sake of the platform I'd rather the devs find out and be able to resolve it than end up with negative publicity if the number of affected devices increases. You might be amazed how often a manufacturer will randomly swap out a part for a lower quality/powered one that functions the same in a batch without saying anything in hopes the client won't notice and they can shave a bit more off their production costs.

I don't think this would be anything the HE team would have done themselves or requested etc... I just wanted to put the possibility out there and hopefully get them to look into it. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, for sure they should make sure that they hold them responsible. I was simply stating that at this point, I'd try to pull a MacGyver to keep my hub running. More of quip than anything. In all unseriousness.

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Oh I'm right there with you, i love this thing... It has a few quirks but I think most of those are down to bugs that haven't been found and squashed yet be it driver/app or hub side.


I'm having a similar issue. It turned on day 1. Day 2 it is unresponsive no matter what cable I use.