Broke my USB power connector - a note of caution and question about Z-Wave backup

I was adding my Z-Wave locks today and I've never been able to add them without having a hub very close. I quickly unplugged the HE Hub downstairs and went upstairs to start adding devices.

I discovered that I could not plug in the micro USB cable anymore. Looking with a magnifier I could see that the sides if the micro USB socket was a little bent. The more I tried to insert a usb plug the more damaged it seemed to get. I ended up (probably) voiding my warranty by opening up the C5 and cut off the outer metal edge of the USB socket to allow me to reconnect power. Very sad but I don't have time to get a replacement.

So now I'm a bit calmer but I was swearing like a sailor since I have no idea if I would have to re-add all my Z-wave devices if I ended up having to get a replacement hub?

So, three points:

  1. Users: The Micro USB socket is fragile so be careful. I will probably never remove the currently used micro USB cable after this painful mess.

  2. Hubitat: Please don't use micro USB for power next revision. Use USB-C or a normal barrel connector please. Or a sturdier micro USB at least.

  3. I'm looking at the forum here and it seems like the Hub backup will NOT backup my Z-wave controller state with all its IDs. Is this right!? If so, please fix this so I don't have to mess with an secondary controller. I've spent days getting 60+ Z-Wave devices going now and I just realized I will probably have to do it again some time. I'll look around for the recommended action but Hubitat developers: What is your strategy with Z-wave backups?

Your Zwave devices DNI # is joined to the zwave radio (inside the hub). There are ways to migrate devices to a new hub with somewhat of a minimal process you can read up on it here Restoring a backup to a new hub

However just to fair warn you....I just completed 2 weeks of testing at which I completely removed all my zwave devices from being paired to the internal radio, and paired them all to the Y-cable attached zwave usbstick radio. Worked great for about 2 days, then every thing started failing, especially after rebooting the hub. So YMMV with that experience if you have to go that route.

Just one more reason i've been intentionally transitioning my devices from zwave to zigbee as for me it has been far more reliable, on these hubs.


Sorry you had the trouble. This might help in the future

Part A

Part B

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That's good to know. In 7 months, I have never unplugged the microUSB; among other reasons both my hubs are not really accessible. I have my HEs plugged into a UPS. When I do a shutdown and restart, I just do it from the UPS end.

@SmartHomePrimer @aaiyar

I use this since forever for my phone (usb-c), tablets and micro-usb devices. I plug them and sometimes I add a small dot of glue (external) to keep it secure. Never had a problem since years.
worth the price, almost nothing... There are now some round (rotating) connectors: never tested but the idea is the same.



Well, that's not great to hear. Entire markets can only use the zwave via the USB connection. In fact, I think only North America gets a hub with zwave built in I think?

My experience is that it's been generally OK (C-5 with AU zwave USB), but I have recently had two instances where zwave totally died until I rebooted the hub.

I too noticed the first day I got my HE that the socket was VERY fragile! HE does indeed need to
revise that socket on the next gen.

After seeing your post I looked at them on eBay. I was looking at the round magentic version.

What is interesting is the note on the item page:

The seller is not processing item at this time.....

I order frequently from Aliexpress (and choose e-packet delivery: tracked and fast).
But for now, I thing that China have some production/delivery probs... :pensive:

Yes, some... I live here and it is slow domestically. I have some electronics ordered at the end of January arriving later today.