Black Friday sales [November 2023 Edition]

Does Zooz play well with Hubitat

Very well

Very well - they are my go-to ZW devices.

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If I only have the Hubitat Elevation (which I do), what would you recommend next? Do I need the zooz hub also? Or can I just go wild and buy devices?

This here is pretty tempting. We have a pretty small house and it would cover both locks Zooz 800 Series Z-Wave Plus Range Extender ZAC38 - The Smartest House

Yep, those are nice as they can double as a power-outage monitor too. I wish they were a bit more svelte in form, but so it goes. Excellent driver for them here.

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The Zooz hub is not required if you already have a Hubitat Elevation hub. You can go wild and buy devices!

You can also check the compatible list that includes both those directly supported by Hubitat and those where the community created drivers:


It looks like the biggest difference is the Q8max+ has stronger suction. I guess that would be a YMMV thing. We have all hardwood or luxury vinyl tile so the suction on the Q7Max+ is fine for us. If you have carpeting, I could see where the stronger suction may be a bonus. Overall, I've been pretty happy with my Q7 max+.

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We have a ruggable that it does pretty well with.

Thats actually good to know. we have several they we haven't had down because of the not house broken fosters we've had. but we are going t put them back down now that they will all be gone.

We pulled ours from the washer the other day (it's one of the thick ones). Dried it then put it down..... Farking GSD walks in and tracks mud all over it while our backs were turned...sigh... Back to the washing machine...


I just bought myself a C-8.



I concur. And there are some great community drivers for them to control advanced functions.


Black Friday deals on 3 of the Dream Machines (Pro, SE & Wall)


Black Friday 2021_email_800x800_2



20% off Tempest WX station

EDIT: As an aside, the general lack of chatter over BF & CM deals has me wondering.

  • Is it the economy?

  • Is it sales-saturation thing where we're just tired of the hype?

  • Is it that "one-weekend-of-deals" is a bust now that the offering window is protracted.

  • OR OR.....are most of the "deals" just not a DEAL anymore.

EDIT 2: Never mind, the news says we're all buying up the deals :thinking: :thinking:

Amazon has the Aqara FP2 on sale for 25% off, or US$62.24.

Yowser, ""Time restricted offer"" these "gray" Ikea blinds are now well discounted.

EDIT: Just was reviewing the reviews on these. Seems there's alotta - "oooh are these cool" which leads into...."oh, it would've been nice if they LASTED!!!" I hate when good concepts go fallow with poor reliability.

I really really really (really) want these for our bedroom but wife is strongly against, especially after all the months of Zigbee problems I had on the C8 until that finally settled. Burned up so much WAF. :frowning:

I'm going to be near our Ikea today so I probably will go in and fondle them a little... :wink:


If you like these buttons, which FINALLY SEEM TO WORK thanks to firmware improvements AND Community Driver efforts, seems like Ikea might be retiring them.