[Beta] Wink Relay - LAN Integration

I haven't used my Wink Relays in quite a while, but when I was using them I just had a browser loaded with my preferred dashboard running.

One thing to note is that these are already pretty resource starved devices, so if STWinkRelay app in running in the background and the dashboard starts taking up too many resources, the Android OS might kill the STWinkRelay app.

I ended up switching over to a wall mounted tablet running my SharpTools.io dashboard:


Wow, that’s fancy! I would consider doing that but I love the simplicity of the Relay, a small screen I can show some soft buttons and maybe weather m, and two physical buttons I can link to any rule.

At some point, I may have to lose the Relays (4 of them) though. Hopefully they remain stable in this configuration. I have one that might be “losing its connection” despite being on WiFi, it at times seems to not be able to communicate to Hubitat requiring a reset.

The other 3 are blazingly responsive!

Hi again. I'm loving this integration. I'm noticing in the logs a search every 5 minutes for the relays. Maybe to update their status or IPs or whatever. Is it necessary? I see the system logs and because I have 4 relays, it checks 4 times simultaneously. The system events is purely this "urn:sharptools-io:device:WinkRelay:1" x4 every five minutes or so.

Yes, the SSDP discovery occurs every 5 minutes to keep the device information in sync (starting at
this line it checks to see if you already have the device in your list and if it's already setup as a child device and the data doesn't match, it synchronizes it).

If it's just console logging you don't like, you could comment out the log.debug statements as you see fit.

If it's the actual SSDP discovery you don't like and you have fixed IP addresses on all your Wink Relays, you could always comment out the line that schedules the ssdpDiscovery.

Thank you! I was able to comment out the scheduling of the discovery. I have all my relays on static IPs.

Sorry, it's me again. I am noticing, and haven't figured out why, that the Relays will sometimes freeze up and become unresponsive requiring a reset. I'm wondering if it's because I'm not doing the discovery step anymore. Is there anything I can uninstall from the rooting process that might be contributing to this?

Regarding the SSDP discovery, is it supposed to run once for each relay I have? I would think it would just run once regardless of how many I have but it does it 4 times simultaneously.

Thanks for all you've done!

As noted above, make sure to stop at step 32. No need to install the package disabler, custom patched Wink Relay app, or any of that. The link to the Wiki article was just intended a reference on how to root.

The Wink Relays are not the most powerful device, so it's not too surprising to me. Out of the box, they are stripped down and locked to just running the Wink Relay app and they seem to do a decent job of it.

Not doing the discovery shouldn't cause any performance issues on the Wink Relay itself. That discovery just sends an SSDP packet that the custom STWinkRelay responds to for discovery/setup purposes.

Not sure if you are running dashboards or anything else on them at the same time, but anything else that's loaded on them beyond the core rooting and STWinkRelay app puts additional load on them.

Thanks. I restored them to factory. Followed the rooting steps to 32. Then installed the STWinkRelay app. Nothing else is running on them. I do load the STWinkRelay app after it loads up though just so there’s something on the screen.

I thought maybe a periodic ping from the hub would keep it alive or something. I can’t tell what happened after it freezes up, ie the screen won’t come on unless I reset it.

Any reason to delete KingRoot after it’s rooted?

Thanks again!

Another update: Thanks so much for this as it encouraged me to switch from Wink Hub 2 to Hubitat. Although it's not a perfect solution, I now have a system that is almost there. So much so that I've resigned to ditch the relays for Lutron Picos using the button controller. In the future, I will probably implement a SharpTools-based solution for in-depth, visual wall controls.

Thanks so much for all your work!

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Josh - Thanks for the work and for sharing this. Just got mine up an running and am very pleased to be able to still use the Relay device.

For anyone ... did you figure out how to gain individual control of the 2 relay buttons? I have rule machine working with a VR switch to give me the ability to use custom names and drive simple on/off through Alexa.. but I can't find where to locate the individual relays for the action.

It's a custom command to control the relays:

  • relay1On()
  • relay1Off()
  • relay2On()
  • relay2Off()

For the buttons it's the attributes:

pushed [1, 2] (eg. 1=top, 2=bottom)
topButton ['on', 'off']
bottomButton ['on', 'off']

Thanks... I found a post last night directing me into Button Controller as well... I created a the custom commands, then a Virtual Button controller to assign the commands to through and finally a VR swithch for the On/Off and tied it through Rule Machine.


If I do this and also use the homebridge plugin, will the relay buttons be available in homekit

Also my top relay is connected to hue bulbs. Is there a way I have it always on (powered) but have the physical button toggle my hue lights on and off, but not cutting the power?

How did you set the bottom button to do nothing? I’m looking do do this Good morning, how to make a switch/button do nothing

Thanks for the message! I replied in the other thread, but cross posting it here as well...

I don't use Wink Relays in my home anymore, so I'm going from memory on this but I thought I had included an option directly on the STWinkRelay app for choosing what action is taken when the button is pressed (eg. control the built-in relay or do nothing).

What rule did you use?

Has anyone successfully modified the driver to display both relays. I use homekit via homebridge as my front end. Now, it only shows one relay. If it showed both, it would be a very rare and imo the best HomeKit switch one can buy

Wow! What case enclosure is that? Very slick lookin!

It was made by a guy named Bob Strenger, but I believe he's stopped producing them.

There's several available on Etsy though: