[BETA] Ring Integration

I wanted to be able to integrate my Ring cameras and doorbells into Hubitat - this was the one thing that SmartThings had that Hubitat was lacking for me. I wanted to be able to control the lights/siren on cameras and also get battery reports as well as motion/button pushes. So I wrote an integration that half uses their undocumented API but still relies on an Alexa routine to trigger motion and button presses.

I wrote some pretty basic documentation, you can find the documentation and the necessary app and drivers at GitHub - dcmeglio/Hubitat

I have tested with the devices I have - Doorbell Pro, Spotlight Solar, and Floodlights. It's working for me! Feel free to give it a try and let me know how it goes. I likely won't have a chance to work on any bug fixes till the weekend. Just as a note, while I've been a developer for many years, this is pretty much my first groovy dev effort and also I've only been working with HE for about 3 weeks now so I'm still a bit of a beginner.

@ogiewon @mjn.other fyi since you were both talking with me about this on another thread


Thank you for this. One issue so far. I cannot fill out the fields it will not let me type in them

My guess is you're trying to type something other than a number. They are numeric fields. Basically type in the value that the Ring Manager dimmer is set to by Alexa. So if Your Front Doorbell is setup in your Alexa Routine as 4% when it detects motion, type 4 in that field. Does that work?


I set this up and it seems to work pretty good. I was wanting to trigger some lights based on a doorbell press but it does not show up as a button or any other switch type in rules. How would I accomplish this?

@mjlarson thanks for the feedback. I think I have this fixed now. Please redownload the Ring_Integration and the Ring_Doorbell. You will need to uncheck your doorbell in the app, save everything, then go back in an readd the doorbell. That will correctly configure the button to work in a rule. I just tested it by writing a simple rule that turns on my porch light for 5 minutes when the doorbell rings at night.

So I haven't gotten a lot of feedback, does anyone have this up and running? Any feedback?

just reinstalled it and get this

2019-05-28 21:22:18.825 errorgroovyx.net.http.ResponseParseException: OK on line 451 (handleOn)

app:16072019-05-28 21:24:00.179 debuggroovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized

push on my doorbell nets this

dev:17942019-05-28 21:24:46.729 errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: user_driver_ring_Ring_Doorbell_1346.push() is applicable for argument types: () values: []

thanks for the info. For your first post I will work on cleaning up logging but neither of those are alarming. The Unauthorized is because the API has a token that times out. Some people I've seen build Ring integrations just do a login at every request. That's inefficient. Instead, I cache the token, and use it over and over again. If the token has expired (Unauthorized) I then re-login. So you will definitely see Unauthorized messages in the logging as currently implemented.

Your push item is more concerning, this was triggered via pressing the actual doorbell or by pressing the "push" button in Hubitat?

the button in hubitat

From what im reading you must use Alexa?

Will this work for the Floodlight?

Yes, there is no way (currently) to receive realtime alerts from Ring other than IFTTT or Alexa.

Can you download the latest Ring_Doorbell.groovy and tell me if that resolved it?

Yup, I have it working with 2 floodlights

See my post on how to get Ring Integration to work on HubConnect using Smartthings:

Smartthings hubs are on eBay for $20 to $30, this may work without Smartthings hub too. The motion and button presses are instant for me on HubConnect with Smartthings Ring Integration.

Yup ST would work too, however my ST hub is comfortably in the trash these days :grinning:

Not to veer this thread off track but you don't need the ST hub to capture motion and button presses on the ring doorbell. It can be accomplished through the Alexa app and a virtual switch in HE. Just an FYI.

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I did that b4 but hated having multiple virtual switches and you can't turn on the lights for the Ring Floodlights without needing another switch and routine in Alexa. What I suggested doesn't need a bunch of virtual switches, it works like it's a device.

Doesn't Hubconnect create virtual switches anyway? Is there a dedicated virtual driver for the doorbell that combines button and motion? Just curious as I plan to implement Hubconnect once I have time to sit down and plan out how to distribute apps and driver's across botth my HE hubs.

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It is but motion and button on Ring Doorbell is on one device. The Ring Floodlight is a driver I created for HubConnect, sent to @srwhite and it's planned on a future HubConnect release. Ring Floodlight driver has motion and Switch.

Everything is instant, no delays at all.

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