[BETA] LIFX Enhanced Drivers

Announcing the first "beta" of LIFX Enhanced Drivers -- built using @bcopeland's LIFX Color Legacy driver as a reference, the intent is to provide additional functionality not exposed by the built-in LIFX drivers. These drivers utilize the built-in LIFX Classes and LIFX Integration App to build and send packets to the bulbs.

The first driver targets LIFX Strips / Multizone devices. Notable differences/enhancements from the built-in driver:

  • Persists unique colors in zones when running setLevel for the Strip
  • Aggregates updates from child devices when applying a scene to avoid "popcorning" the zones (with the tradeoff of a slight -- but configurable -- delay)

I intend to eventually develop enhanced drivers for additional bulb types as well.

If you encounter issues, or have suggestions for modified/enhanced behavior -- please enable debug/verbose logging to capture as much data as possible. PRs are welcome.


reserved for future updates

Howdy, do your drivers support the A60 Nightvision 1200 lumen bulb?

I’ve got one coming today for my Halloween front Porch setup and I can’t find and specific support listed for it.

Sorry, no. I actually ran into some bugs with the MZ driver and flipped back to the built-in for now (better overall WAF) - still a side project I'd like to come back to, but on the back burner for now.

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Cheers, I’ve asked the question in the official thread too.

I am looking to add "effects" to my LED strips, for example trigger the "Move Effect" for 30 seconds on the stairs every time there is a motion detected at the bottom.

Are these effects possible with the enhanced driver?

The framework is in the driver, but not tested. Would need to uncomment line 38:

capability "LightEffects"

to expose the command, then invoke setEffect with param: 1 to start the Move effect, param: 0 to stop. Current implementation does not specify the direction of motion, and has hardcoded the speed. Unfortunately hasn't gotten much love since my initial stab... it was unreliable in turning on/off (sometimes needed two sends), and I switched back to the built-in drivers for my own strips. Hoping to come back to this when life settles down :slight_smile:

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Finally came around to try and implement this.

When I try to I get the following error java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Cannot use rightShift() on this number type: java.math.BigInteger with value: 18374686479671623680 on line 381 (method setEffect)

And Line 381 is the following
cmds.add(new hubitat.lifx.commands.SetMultiZoneEffect(instanceId: 4824828, type: effectType, speed: 5, duration: duration))

Posting because I found this - but if its not obvious please don't go intro trouble trying to debug it

Maybe time to look at 'effects' again :laughing:


Everyone is talking about this, it's all the buzz

I had a dream about setEffect last night.

Also, I was a blue horse with bat wings, but that's beside the point.