[BETA] LIFX Enhanced Drivers

Announcing the first "beta" of LIFX Enhanced Drivers -- built using @bcopeland's LIFX Color Legacy driver as a reference, the intent is to provide additional functionality not exposed by the built-in LIFX drivers. These drivers utilize the built-in LIFX Classes and LIFX Integration App to build and send packets to the bulbs.

The first driver targets LIFX Strips / Multizone devices. Notable differences/enhancements from the built-in driver:

  • Persists unique colors in zones when running setLevel for the Strip
  • Aggregates updates from child devices when applying a scene to avoid "popcorning" the zones (with the tradeoff of a slight -- but configurable -- delay)

I intend to eventually develop enhanced drivers for additional bulb types as well.

If you encounter issues, or have suggestions for modified/enhanced behavior -- please enable debug/verbose logging to capture as much data as possible. PRs are welcome.


reserved for future updates

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