[BETA COMPLETE] Universal Ecobee Suite for Hubitat & SmartThings (Free)

Yeah, I need to get that working again. Thanks for reminding me!!!! :+1:


One indication that it's not working again is that the App won't read Online anymore. But yeah, more explicit notification would be quite useful!

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Also, this probably should be obvious, but it might be not... If you restore your Hub database from the backup, you need to re-authorize manually with Ecobee. It's kinda finicky, after the restore the app shows Online, but then it goes away in 5-10 minutes.


Now that we're in summer proper, I've want to use your Universal Ecobee Suite to change dehumidification settings.

I have a very simple use - when the temperature is >72F, I want to set the dehumidify set-point to be 58. When the temperature is lower than 70F, I want to set the dehumidify set-point to be 62.

To see if this would work, I opened up my EcobeeTherm thermostat and manually set the dehumidify set-point to be 58. The logs say that the setpoint is changing (see clipping below), but the setpoint doesn't change on the ecobee portal or the ecobee thermostat. There's also an error generated.

Could you please help me resolve this?

Thanks again for writing an incredibly useful suite of programs for HE.

To fix the error, at line 3089 of Ecobee Suite Thermostat, change "deviceId" to simply "device".

The error occurs in a line of code that wants to tell you that there is no dehumidifier configured for this thermostat. Open up the thermostat device in Hubitat, and look for the value of "hasDehumidifier" - if it isn't "true" then something isn't configured correctly on your thermostat.

Let me know - I'm live on-line for a bit, so I'll check back in a few minutes...

BTW - going forward I would appreciate it if you could use this thread for problem reports and feedback - the Beta is no longer active, we're running the [RELEASED] version now:

Does the ecobee 4 have Zigbee? I can't tell. I'm assuming not. Does that then mean it won't work with this app @storageanarchy?

None of the Ecobees use Zigbee - they are all controlled via IP-based cloud connections. And yes, my Ecobee Suite works great with the Ecobee4 ...