[BETA] Aeon WallMote (with slide functionality)

Hi, here is a driver for the "Aeon WallMote" found here. The Z-Wave alliance listing is here or here depending on your model. Before you tell me there is no reason for this to exist because... "There is an OOB driver. Why don't you just use it?" Well, I guess this adds swipe up and down functionality and I wanted it?

Let me know how it goes.


I may implement buttons differently in the future but for now this is how they work. If you have a dual then you have 2 buttons that support pushed, held and released. If you have a quad then you have 4 that support pushed, held and released. If you turn on slide functionality in preferences then two additional buttons are added. It acts like this.

     Button Mappings:

     Slide Up          P + 1    pushed
     Slide Down        P + 2    pushed

P is the number of physical buttons you have. For example, if you have the dual button model with slide functionality enabled you will have 4 buttons. If you slide up button 3 will be pushed. If you slide down button 4 will be pushed. If you have the Quad model when you slide up button 5 will be pushed. If you slide down button 6 will be pushed. This is a change of how the SmartThings device handler worked so take note.


I already decided to change how the slide buttons work. Instead of adding one extra button that is pushed and held I'm adding two extra buttons. The first extra button is slide up and the second extra button is slide down. I'll update the first post.

I didn't like that you couldn't "see" what was changing on current states if you were moving between slide up and slide down. The events were happening and you could see them in events but you couldn't follow them in current states real-time.

much appreciated codahq! ... i will try and play with it more tomorrow, but I am able to see it being "slid" in the logs.. just need to figure out how to make the slide do something

dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.944 pm infoWallMote button 6 was pushed
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.943 pm traceSlide down
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.942 pm traceheldButtons null
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.931 pm tracecmd: SwitchMultilevelStartLevelChange(dimmingDuration:255, ignoreStartLevel:true, incDec:3, startLevel:0, stepSize:0, upDown:true)
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.929 pm debugzwaveEvent(hubitat.zwave.commands.switchmultilevelv3.SwitchMultilevelStartLevelChange cmd)
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.927 pm tracedescription: zw device: 31, command: 2604, payload: 78 00 FF 00 , isMulticast: false
dev:7062020-01-27 09:51:34.926 pm debugparse(String description)

Just treat slide up and slide down like an additional button. This is in the first post. With the quad if you set a trigger for button 5 pushed it will catch a slide up. Button 6 pushed will be the slide down for quad.

Thanks for doing this!

One question though. Shouldn't there be slide functionality for each of the physical buttons?

The way it is working is any quadrant of my quad that I slide up on is treated as button 5. The same goes for the slide down of any quadrant is button 6. I confirmed this is the intended result so my quad has grown by two buttons. Not sure if I would even know what to even do with all the additional buttons if it would register the slide up and down for each separate quadrant individually. Others might be more creative than I am.

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@smartishhome is correct. The firmware does not send a separated slide event for each individual button. There is just one slide up and just one slide down (as far as I can tell) for the entire remote. If somebody can show me in a spec where that isn't the case I will dig into it further but from what I was seeing in the z-wave messages received from the remote this appears to be the case.

Okay, I'm probably going to smack myself for being dumb. I'm new to all of this. The website says 16 scenes


I can only figure out how to get to 12 (push, Hold-release, and swipe * 4) but that would only be 10 if the swipes weren't for each physical button.

Also I'm having a little trouble with configuring things. Last night I switched to the new driver, renamed the old rule and started a new one. Does the "yes to update" thing mean that I have to have a trigger/action for everything or just that I need to wake up the wallmote before it will accept the new config? I don't have a scene/trigger for everything yet because I'm still adding devices.

Okay, I think I see why.

Without a bunch of custom associations the hub doesn't get the additional information about which button was slid. Instead, it just knows that something was slid.

I've never written a driver where I associate the hub to more than one group. I think it would be okay to associate the hub to all of those groups for the additional notifications but I'll have to do some testing first.

That means that the remote hasn't checked in and needs configuration. If you change any settings it is always a good idea to wake it up by holding the back button until it blinks yellow/orange and beeps. Then immediately let go. The driver puts it back to sleep after the configuration is passed so you should see the LED go off after about 20 seconds.

Thanks so much for the explanation. I don't necessarily need all of that customization but I'm definitely trying to learn how Hubitat interacts with what the vendor advertised. It's somewhat confusing.

We aren't going to get anymore than we have. Even if I associate the driver to those groups the hub still just gets the same message from each button.

If we wanted to I could add the ability for us to associate nodes to each of those group and then we could actually have each of those individual actions but it doesn't feel worth it right now.

Sounds good. Thank you for all of your work.

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I installed the driver..thanks for the dev work

I'm assuming I should use the 'simple automation tools' app to trigger the dimming?

What's the logic under that what do you want to do...do I pick turn on set level?


You can use buttons in triggers in Rule Machine and lots of other apps. You can set buttons to start dimming a light or set level or whatever you want. That part is up to you. You can decide what you want the buttons to do.

heya @codahq, I noticed that this repo is gone, and couldn't find a copy of this driver in your other hubitat repos; do you still have this handy and/or mind sharing if so?

interested in that too

This code is integrated into hubitat as far as I know. Why would you need to download it again?

..with slide functionality.....

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Yes, the code for 'Aeon WallMote' only supports 8 scenes, where I'm trying to make use of the 16 that were advertised (e.g. swipe gestures).

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Not sure where you are getting 16. This driver only added 2 more, swipe up and swipe down, for a total of 10.

And it was really glitchy so I stopped using it. It would quite often register a hold action when you were swiping up or down.

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