Wallmote quad

I am new in this word and I really need a driver for my Wallmote quad.
I need to use it (if its possible) at this way:
button 1 : ON/OFF button, also as a dimmer (slide button)
button 2: ON/OFF button, also as a dimmer (slide button)
button 3: ON/OFF button
button 4: ON/OFF button

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Thanks in advance

Mine has also has been working great for about a year with no issues with the above driver as well. -Joel

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Thanks for the answers, but I tried to copy this driver " [Advanced Button Controller (ABC)" to my hubitat but I always get some error.

"No signature of method: Script1.definition() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.LinkedHashMap) values: [[name:Advanced Button Controller, namespace:stephack, singleInstance:true, ...]] "

Do you know what I am doing wrong?

Best regards

Advanced Button Controller is an app. So it should be added as a new app under "Apps Code".

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Thanks for those information :slightly_smiling_face:.

But now I have a problem with programming on/off with pushed button.
Is it possible to use "pushed" button to turn on and off the light or
do I need to use "push" button for turning on and "Held" for turning off? :flushed:

Best regards

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry if my question sound laim, I am new to HE...
So I loaded the Advanced Button Controller app so I can use it with a wallmote or nanomote. I assumed I would do so by opening the nanomote device and in device type look for the Advanced Button Controller, but it is not showing up there (I can see it in my user apps since I loaded it). Am I missing something ?

Thanks !

Thanks. So I open the app:

And then I click on New button device mapping, then I get an error:

Not sure what I am doing worng ??

there is a built in button controller app. have you tried that..

Correct ! I was missing the child app. All good now, I need to play with it. It doesn't give me more options than the original driver for the nanomote quad, but my goal is to use it for the WallMote which I haven't bought yet.
I am also going to try it with a Zooz wall switch to toggle all lights by double tapping, which I am unable to do natively...

Thanks much!

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Quick update:
ABC works perfectly with Zooz wall switch, I can now call scenes or toggle groups of lights by double tapping, which did not work natively.

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