Best way To Link Ambient Weather to Dashboard

Hello All,

I am looking at a nice way to link my Ambient Weather Station WS-2902A to my dashboard. I am currently using the page below as I migrate into my new Hubitat dashboards:

@snell ‘s new driver is quite good. Use it to bring in your data from Ambient Weather and then add the tiles to dashboard and choose the attributes you want for each tile.

That's the same PWS I use also. There are a few user apps to use for these. One as noted above, and I use this one. Ambient Weather Device

Do you use Snell's driver with the app you linked?

No that app has it's own

OK thanks wayne, I wish I could use an Ambient or Wunderground graphic that is updated periodically for my pretty Dashboard screens also. The data opened a lot of automation doors for me, but is not as nice on the know?

You can use the image in a tile. It will all depend on how you are integrating it but that is currently done by a couple of the other weather drivers as well.

You can probably do that with this. I have not attempted this yet. I understand what you mean. I really like what Ambient Weather has done with their dashboard too. But like @waynespringer79 mentioned, it's possible to do some customization. In practice, I use the HE Dashboad on my phone only to check weather, as it loads much faster than the Ambient Weather app on iOS. The whole reason I'm looking is for that current data. It's rare that I look at trending and if I need to, the Ambient Weather dashboard isn't hard to view.

You can create it's own local/cloud accessible dashboard for just it alone. It may not be as pretty but mine is like this.

I've doneethe same thing as you. However my dashboard tile has to be clicked before it shows the PWS link. How did you get around this?

Also were you able to resixe the dashboard to show like on a tablet without scrolling? Om a PC monitor mine looks like yours, but anything else too much scrolling!