Battery state incorrect, 3rd reality door sensor

Hey I am having trouble with battery states on two Third Reality door/window contact sensors. At install, they both showed 43%, I left them in-situ that way for several weeks, not much decline, but figured the OEM batteries were likely poor quality, so I replaced with brand new Duracells, and the level is still not updating as expected.
The Garage door sensor did go up to 97% for a bit, but is now back to 41% after only a few weeks.
The front door sensor I just replaced, clicked configure in the device, also clicked refresh, currently reading 48%.
Also, how hard would it be for the device to report "lastbatt" in human form instead of Unix?

3rd Reality seems to have factor-of-two issues with battery reporting. There are various discussions both in this community and on other forums. Values are about half or double what would be expected. I did not see any definitive resolution.


Yep, I consistently see ~half values on my motion sensor and door sensor. I swear that hasn't always been true, but it's been true for quite a while now.

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I thought I was going crazy. Thanks for this post. Iā€™m seeing the same whacky reporting.

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Hopefully this can be resolved in the future one way or another... I'm rooting for Third Reality -- aside from this pesky battery thing, I'm very impressed with their performance and reasonable price.

I know their AA/AAA battery form-factor isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I love it as that allows me to use a battery-conversion power kit -- I use a few of those out in my detached garage where wiring prettiness isn't a big deal, and one for the 3R motion sensor in our bathroom.

And for the record, the battery-reporting issue persists whether I use regular batteries or a conversion kit.

@hydro311 Hey Chris, with the battery conversion power kit installed, do you still get the same ~50% erroneous level reporting?

I reached out to ThirdReality on their FB page messenger and reported it, they got back to me asking which hub platform I was using, gave them full details and mentioned how we are all experiencing the same issue. -- We'll see what their response is... :man_shrugging: :mantelpiece_clock:

Well, now my bath motion sensor seems to be reporting OK... Now I'm questioning my sanity -- I swear that was ~50% low too earlier.

But my contact sensor is still 50% low. And I've gotten the half-off readings using both regular batteries and my conversion kits.

But now I see there's a new thread started by (what seems to be) a 3R rep asking for Hubitat's assistance to get it fixed-- unclear yet whether the fix involves updating the driver codes or new firmware -- I guess we'll see!

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Pasting link for easy reference: