Request from Third Reality staffer re: driver code

We double the battery report of sensor in the lastest release version. On the app, the battery is double displayed, so can you help to update the code. I have emailed the code to mike.maxwell on July 12th
And our product is: (Zigbee) Wireless Motion Sensor (model id: 3RMS16BZ)
(Zigbee) Water Leak Sensor(model id: 3RWS18BZ)
(Zigbee) Door Sensor(model id: 3RDS17BZ)

Are you a representative from Third Reality?

In any case, tagging @mike.maxwell and @support_team.


I am from Third Reality , @mike.maxwell @support_team can you help to update the code?


@mike.maxwell @support_team hello, Our sensor double reported the battery after a certain version. So can you update the code to judge the version to display the power correctly. I re-mailed the code to you.


Now, in release,the power of our sensor is half of the reported power. It seems like there is no judgment version in the code.

Thank you for reaching out, we are looking into it.


One thing that would help that a lot of people using Third Reality switches is the availability of updated firmware. Some people have had serious issues until they sent them back to the vendor they purchased them from for the updated firmware which solved the issue (there are a few threads on this) It would be helpful if you could provide firmware updates to your products to @mike.Maxwell so he can put them in the firmware repository so that people can update the firmware in their stuff. :grin:


Unless there is a way using the device model number description to distinguish between the older firmware and the newer firmware how are we supposed to determine whether to divide the voltage in half or not?

If these devices support OTA, then please provide the new firmware so we can make this available to our users.

Update, I have an email from third reality this morning with some info that should be able to resolve this problem.


Thank you @ThirdReality for reaching out to the HE community, I was the one who originally reached out to you on Facebook to initiate this. I am very impressed by your follow-through!

@mike.maxwell and @bobbyD , you guys are rock stars of support as well! I am confident you will get this resolved soon and quite possibly make the integration even better/smoother than before!


Hubitat supports OTA? I don't see the OTA feature when using hubatat. Where can I find OTA?

You need to send the OTA files to Mike Maxwell.


How do you OTA? Do I need to send you the full firmware, or just need to send the OTA firmware without BootLoader?

In Hubitat the end users can not freely select OTA images, these devices which have been tested for OTA upgrades will have the needed images stored on Hubitat cloud server.

Please contact the Hubitat support team in a DM for the details.


If a firmware upgrade for a zigbee device is available it can be added to the firmware repository by @mike.maxwell. Once added, a person can go to the device page then update the firmware via OTA. z-wave updates can be done with the firmware file with the z-wave firmware update tool.

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Any updates regarding Third Reality firmware updates?

Hi, for OTA firmware, please send the full firmware to @mike.maxwell or @bobbyD employees of Hubitat.

They will then enable the firmware updates so that when we hit the ‘update firmware’ button in Hubitat on the device page for Third Reality products, the firmware will be updated. Screenshot below.

I sent the firmware to @mike.maxwell on September 5, but I haven't seen the OTA function yet. And my hubitat version is


Tagging @bobbyD for visibility

FYI, after receiving firmware files from a vendor, Hubitat engineers have to first test and confirm that it works to update the device on the hub platform without negative impact on the hub.

This is in addition to whatever else is on their list of priorities.

So while firmware updates will ultimately become available, the time frame may not be rapid.


I didn't get these uploaded yet, sorry for the delay, they should be available end of day.


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