Basic "Plus" Z-Wave tool, with associations

I was looking for a way to set associations for a Z-Wave Button controller (Heatit Z-Push Wall Controller, 700 series based). After some tries I added the function to the Basic Z-Wave Tool, hence the Plus.

It is a simple version, but it does what I needed it for. Using associations is more responsive than using the Button Controllers App. Now close to a physical switch. The code is here GitHub - reneboer/Hubitat: My first Hubitat things.

Any chance the function to set and remove associations gets added to the Hubitat version of the Basic Z-Wave tool? I am sure it can be done better than my attempt.

Cheers Rene


What do I know, but the Hubitat people don't seem to be fans of association.

@mike.maxwell created the Basic Z-Wave Tool...

You could submit a pull-request to Mike and see if he approves it, or finds another way to do it that he likes better. :slight_smile:

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