Bali Roller Shades - Driver and Automation Help Needed

I just had 3 Bali roller shades installed today. I was able to get them to connect with my Hubitat. The problem I am running in to is setting the "close" position or what Bali calls the lower limit.

These roller shades were made so they are just a little bit longer than the length of my windows so when I hit the close button, the shade isn't hanging right before the window sill but instead resting on the window sill and not pulled taught.

I've set the Set Position paramenter but everytime I click save it gets erased. Is that intended?
I tried everything in the Generic Z-wave shade driver but no luck. Any one have any ideas?

I also installed the Springs Windows Fashion Roller Shade driver via Hubitat Package Manager. In there I am running in to the same problem as above. I do set where I can set a Preset level which works when I hit Preset but not close.

I also tried to setup a Simple Automation Rule but the shades that are using the Springs Windows Fashion Roller Shade driver doesn't appear. Is this intended? How do I setup automation for this driver? Essentially all I want is the roller shade to go up at 10am and down at sunset (or sunset +30 minutes).

I have Bali layered shades using the Springs Windows fashion sheer shade driver so similar but not the exact setup you have. Do your instructions say anything about setting the upper and lower limits? You should be able to program that with the remote (assuming they came with yours). You don't want to rely on automations to control the upper/lower limits. Once the limits were set, I paired with my hub and use automations to open and close at sunset/sunrise. Within rule machine actions you want to select 'activate scenes, adjust shades/blinds or fans', then 'set shade/blind position' and then you should be able to select your blinds. And if yours are like mine, you'll also want to pair the remotes with Hubitat and then associate them to the blinds so you can retain functionality of the remotes. Your instructions should have details about how to associate the remotes to the blinds.

I didn't get any remotes. I think I purposely didnt order them becasue I was going to use Hubitat to control them or the Bali app with their gateway. Either that or I was told I couldnt get a remote since I'm getting the gateway hub. Is there no way to set the limits directly on the roller shade itself?

Aslo, what is the difference between rule machine and simple automation? I've only used simple automation. I was able to create and install the rule machine to lower and raise the roller shades. How do you set them to open and close on sunset/sunrise?

With Rule Machine, I was able to set the action to a postition versuse open/close so I dont actually have to set a lower limit although i want to so I may go back to Lowes to see if I can order a remote.

I think its stupid that you cant set an upper or lower limit directly from the roller shade with the button you use to set the device in to inclusion mode.

You will have to get the basic Bali two button remote to set the upper and lower limits of each shade.

I just got a Hubitat hub and Iā€™m about to start getting my 7 Bali shades setup and then shared over to Apple Homekit. This should be fun!

I actually got this to work without having to buy a remote.

  1. Install Hubitat Package Manager
  2. Install Springs Window Fashions Roller Shade v1.1.0 (driver) via Hubitat Package Manager.
  3. Install Rule Machine.
  4. Create two separate rules (Raise Shades & Lower Shades) for Rule Machine.
  5. Set level to 3 in Lower Shades rule.

I don't think I've had to manually lower the shades only raise the shades (sometimes) so buying the remote wasn't worth it to me.

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