Bad experience with the Zooz Zen30 Double Switch

During the Labor Day sale, I purchased several switches. I have a few Zooz devices already and have been impressed with their quality, features, and great customer service. One of the things I purchased was a handful of Zen30 switches. This is what my experience has been so far.

I have 2 dimmable porch lights and an entryway light I wanted to connect to a Zen30. I connected the outside lights to the dimmer switch and the interior light to the relay.

  1. The first Zen30 I connected did not power on at all after turning power back on at the breaker. No LED indicators would come on and neither switch would turn on a light. I turned the breaker back off and replaced it with another Zen30. When I turned the power on at the breaker, the LED was working and both switches were working. So I figure switch 1 was probably just a dud.

  2. I got the 2nd Zen30 connected to my Hubitat without any issues. I immediately performed a firmware update to take it from 1.03 to 1.05. That went fairly normal. After it was updated, I had to exclude it and factory reset it, but that has been my experience with all Zooz products after a firmware update. After the factory reset, I re-joined it to my Hubitat without any issues. Both physical switches were working. I was able to control it via Zwave without any issues.

  3. I first realized something was wrong when the simple rule I created to turn the porch light on 30 minutes after sunset never fired. I tried to manually turn it on with my phone, but it wasn't responding to zwave commands. So I went to hit the physical switch and nothing happened. I noticed that none of the LED power indicator lights were on either.

  4. So I turned the breaker off, waited about 30 seconds, and turned the breaker back on. There was no change in the switch. It was not responding to physical button presses or zwave commands. So I connected the lights back up to the old switches and both lights are working fine.

So now I have 2 Zen30 switches that will seemingly not power on. I have another one I can try (from a previous order that I have not connected yet) but I am hesitant to do so. I checked over my wiring multiple times and I am very confident everything was wired correctly. I'm not sure what to do at this point.

I've already emailed their support. I'm mostly wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.

I installed 2 here and other than an issue with the driver for the fan part of the switch not reporting correctly (but on the list to fix). They are working great and they do still turn the fan on and off the ON state never makes it to the hub currently. Working around that for the moment with some virtual switches. Zooz is great about support they will get you fixed up.

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So sorry to hear about the issues @waterboysh! If 2 switches died one after another in the same location, it would usually point to a wiring or load issue. We'd need to see the wiring inside of the box and get as many details as possible about the lights connected to the switch to be able to troubleshoot that efficiently for you. We actually don't see these become unresponsive like that at all. What we've seen the most is overload issues with the dimmer part of it when the dimmer fails due to high Wattage (or being connected to a light with a wireless receiver) but the relay part would still be working well and the switch would still communicate with your hub. So this sounds like a type of failure we haven't seen with this model before.
Feel free to message me as well if you have any detailed questions. I'm sure you've already heard back from our support as well.

I test all my switches on a simple bench setup with an incandescent bulb before installing and let them burn in for a few days. That way I know it works before I install it.

I've had some Zooz failures after install, failing microswitches and one ZEN27 V2 that failed in a 4-way after 4 months, but Zooz is always good about replacing them.

I've thought about doing something like that. Would also allow me to go ahead and update the firmware before installation and would make pairing with Hubitat easier since I wouldn't be running back and forth across the house multiple times.

Would you mind sharing your setup and take a couple of pictures?

I have. I've always had good experiences with Zooz support. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

We actually don't see these become unresponsive like that at all.

Yeah, it surprised me that the switch was becoming completely unresponsive. I had expected the physical buttons to still work even if nothing else did.

If 2 switches died one after another in the same location, it would usually point to a wiring or load issue.

It don't think it's a load issue. The light connect to the relay was a single LED type R bulb recessed inside the house right behind the front door. The dimmer was connected to the front porch light, which has a receptacle on either side of the door outside. Each one only had a single LED dimmable bulb in it. So I think the load on the dimmer should have been about 20W max and the relay probably about 10 - 12. I really hope it's not a wiring issue.

I could but it's not much really.

A grounded line cord with the wire strands tinned, a gang box, and a bulb socket mounted mounted to a square piece of plywood wood.



You could also use a double gang box and add a mechanical switch if you felt more comfortable than just plugging the line cord into an outlet (I use a large bench power strip).

My FIL had a sacrificial extension cord and we connected everything on his workbench and neither switch powers on, so I'm pretty sure both switches are completely dead. Zooz support is not sure what is causing the issue and wants me to send both units back to them for testing and replacement if needed. In case anyone is interested or has a similar issue in the future, I'll make sure to post a followup once Zooz has resolved the incident.

Zooz support didn't really give me any details than to say both switches will need to be replaced and they are sending me 2 new units. Kinda stinks that I had to pay to ship them back though.

You have seen the following from me already today.

I have a double switch box in my bathroom.

1 light control

2 exhaust fan control

white from source and fan, also continuing on to other outlets.

black from source and fan, also continuing on to other outlets

And of course ground

The fan only has the black, white and ground.

There is no third red wire, so I am not sure what to connect to the "Dimmer load" wire out of the ZEN30.

I want control BOTH my lights and the exhaust fan with one ZEN30.

I have no issues with connecting the lights based off your drawing.
I need assistance with the red wire on the switch and the lack of a red wire going to my exhaust fan.


Hi Erick, sorry I missed that post but I believe we helped you through our support portal already. If I'm confusing this scenario with a different case, please pm me and we'll send you some guidance (we'll probably need a couple more details)!

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